About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting.

I am Marwa, and I run this blog with my friend Shafqat.

This site is all about printers and stuff associated with printers. It will prove to be a guiding angel for those who are in the sublimation printing business.

This site is here to provide:

Insights of printer
How to’s guide to keep you on the track
About sublimation printing (new talk of the town).
T-shirt business.

I run small customized printing business with my mother. Yeah, actually, I got my inspiration from my mother. She used to sew and do crafts a lot, and I helped her design and creative crafting.

I developed a keen interest in sublimation printing while I was in college. This all started with a festival in college where I made customized t-shirt and caps for students. Later it converted into a printing business. Now, I have a small online customization business, and I love working on it. It brings me joy made me feel like I am on vacation every single day because I love my occupation😄 Besides, I work on this blog to share my knowledge and experience.

Shafqat is an entrepreneur and computer science, student. He has a really good grip on business, marketing, and all other technical stuff. He helps me in maintaining this site and oversee all the technical stuff of the website. More importantly, he provides me advisory.

So with the combination of both of our strengths, We started this blog to share insights about printers and the printing business. The purpose is to support the entrepreneur who is just stepping into this game. We are motivated to deliver reviews about the best printers and resources, guides to help you understand stuff better.

About Site

Printerradar is a blog site about printers that are developed with the sole purpose of providing detailed product reviews with a smart buying guide to assist buyers, so they never go wrong in purchasing the products. We are committed to delivering unbiased and honest reviews of products, along with a helpful guide. We hope you will never regret any decision made through our website.

The agenda to create this review site is to assist the buyer and reader on every step with hassle-free, simple, and to-the-point guides. We realized that there should be a site that delivers unbiased reviews and, more importantly, guides and informational articles to tackle the problems faced in printing sectors, along with the in-depth knowledge and challenges. This is the main reason for creating Printerradar for you!

Nowadays, not just money but time is a very valuable asset keeping this in mind, We are committed to providing our visitors with authentic and viable products and guides. I, with my team members, do thorough research before suggesting any product or listing. Share guides and insights based on my experience in as simplest way possible.

I hope this printer website proves to be your go-to website for any printer query. And knowledge hub for your learning. Your trust in this website boosts our morale, and your support motivates us to deliver more and more knowledgeable content.

Thank you for joining us. Happy Printing!