Best Color Laser Printers

Best Color Laser Printers

If you work in an office or if, simply, your domestic needs for color printing are high, the most recommended today are color laser printers. A product that can also be an alternative if you are tired of the ink drying in your traditional inkjet printer. In addition, the most modern incorporate all kinds of functions that will greatly facilitate the printing task, such as the Ricoh SPC250SF printer.

At a Glance:

This model is designed for large volumes of work and has high print quality, as well as WiFi connectivity, which simplifies the use and configuration of the product. Another model that could be helpful is the Brother MFC-L3730CDN, equipped with a 3 cm LCD touch screen, copier, fax, and scanner functions, which can be connected with other equipment via USB, with a 250-sheet paper capacity and touch screen for easy control.

Our Recommendation Best Color Laser Printer

AwardDesignTypes of printersRetailer
Color Laser Printer
Best PickRicoh C250 SF
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Best Home Color Laser Printer
Budget PickBrother MFC-L3730CDN
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Small Laser Printer
Staff Pick HP Laserjet PRO 1025
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Best Laser Printer
Oki C332DN 
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Laser Printer
HP Color LaserJet Pro M452nw
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Ricoh C250 SF

Best Pick

Color Laser Printer

 Ricoh C250 SF Color Laser Printer

To be the best color laser printer of the moment it is necessary that the prints it generates have good quality. And this Ricoh model adequately meets that requirement. And is that this model supports a maximum print quality of 2400 x 600 dpi, which remains at 1200 x 1200 dpi when it comes to scanning documents.

It also offers a tight start-up time, with just 30 seconds to warm up and 14 seconds to first page out. From here, the model prints at 20 pages per minute, so you won’t have to wait too long to have large volumes of documents printed.

To make the product comfortable to use, it includes different functions that simplify the printing process. Among them we have the elements of multifunction equipment, making it easier to scan or copy your documents. A task in which we have an automatic sheet feeder, for when you have to work with longer documents.

These functions are combined with a comfortable design both when loading paper and collecting it or introducing additional paper for special jobs, having a front tray for this purpose. It is finished off with an extensive control panel with which to keep the product in service and with additional functions such as pre-programmed numbers for faxing or full control of the copy and scan functions.

Since we are printing from more and more devices, it is essential to have WiFi connectivity that makes the process of connecting them, as well as printing, simple. Connectivity that this model also includes, so you can print from your mobile, tablet, or laptop with the same comfort and simplicity that you would from a wired PC.

A task in which you can use the brand’s own app for this purpose, with which it is also possible to control the performance of the machine, also having different applications that can help you in the daily management of your impressions. And if you need it, the printer can be connected both via conventional USB and network via Ethernet.


  • This model combines all the power of a product with laser technology with the variety of options of multifunction equipment, to give you greater performance when carrying out any task.


  • Although the product is compatible with Windows 10, it is highly recommended to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website to optimize its performance.

Brother MFC-L3730CDN

Budget Pick

Best Home Color Laser Printer

Brother MFC-L3730CDN Best Home Color Laser Printer

Multifunctionality is one of the attributes that make this model from the manufacturer Brother more attractive, since with a single machine you can enjoy the basic printing function, but it is also possible to copy, scan and use as a fax, all in one device. compact size that allows better handling of documents.

In addition, this laser printer has been equipped with a proprietary touch screen and LCD technology, from where it is possible to control the equipment and navigate through the available functions to speed up tasks. It also has a printing speed of 18 pages per minute in high quality.

On the other hand, the proposal has the capacity to hold up to 250 sheets, which increases efficiency by reducing the constant replenishment of the tray. To reduce paper consumption, it supports double-sided printing and has USB.

This model is complete but, to determine if it is the appropriate one, you should take a look at its main positive and negative aspects, which we will present below.



  • Multifunctionality: This equipment is more than a laser printer because it also includes a scanner, fax, and copier, so it is 4 in 1.
  • Screen: This model has a touch screen and 3 cm LCD technology, from which it is possible to navigate through the options to simplify tasks.
  • Connectivity: With this device, multiple users can network from different computers and printers.
  • Design: The printer has a design that can be described as compact and practical for offices, with a 250-sheet tray that reduces reposition, the weight of 23 kilos, and dimensions of 41 x 47.5 x 41.4 cm.


  • Speed: Although it prints 18 pages per minute in high quality, it is considered below the average that is between

 HP Laserjet PRO 1025

Staff Pick

Small Laser Printer

 HP Laserjet PRO 1025  Small Laser Printer

We finish this list with one of the best printers of the HP brand. The Laserjet PRO CP 1025 provides professional results but is also one of the smallest and most economical on the market. Ideal for small home businesses where we need to print POP material.

It is very easy to install because it includes HP Smart Install, which installs it automatically without the need for a CD. It is capable of printing 16 PPM black or 4 PPM color and has a 150-sheet input capacity tray.

The HP Laserjet PRO CP 1025 Color Printer includes all toners and best of all, HP sells other Cartridge Packs separately that save you some money. This printer turns on instantly, saving energy, and features HP’s automatic shut-off technology when you’re not using it.

HP is one of the names that sounds the most when the question of which is the best brand of color laser printers of the moment comes up:


  • Tray: If you don’t want to have to reload the sheet tray every time, you will be pleased to know that HP has the capacity to hold up to 150 sheets at a time.
  • Dimensions: it measures 40.2 x 40 x 22.3 centimeters, being one of the most compacts in this selection.
  • Lightweight: it should be noted that it is also one of the lightest with a weight of 12 kilograms, which facilitates its handling and transfer.


  • Wifi: unlike other models mentioned, the HP one is not equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Speed: It is also a bit slower, reaching a maximum of 16 sheets per minute when printing or making copies.

Oki C332DN 

Best Laser Printer

Oki C332DN Best Laser Printer

The evolution of laser printing technology has resulted in increasingly cheaper and higher quality products, such as the OKI C332DN printer. This color model has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi, being adequate if you do not need extreme quality in your documents.

A product with a printing speed that goes from 30 pages in black to 26 in color and also has an adjusted time both in heating and in launching the first page.

The product also has USB or network connectivity, being able to include WiFi connectivity as an option, if you need it. Features that make it the best value for money color laser printer of the moment.

If you have doubts about which color laser printer to buy, with this Oki model it is possible that they dissipate without much complication.


  • Speed: The product’s printing speed reaches 30 pages in black and 26 in color, to give you greater efficiency when printing.
  • Loading capacity: The printer tray can hold up to 880 sheets, saving time when printing at high volumes.
  • Compact: We are talking about a compact and handy device, so it will not take up too much space in your work environment.


  • WiFi: It is missed that WiFi connectivity is included directly in the machine and is not just another option.
  • Memory: Some user comments that the memory may remain just in case of printing very long documents and with a large load of high-resolution images.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M452nw

Laser Printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro M452nw Laser Printer

Equipped with WiFi and activation function and quick work, this color laser printer from the manufacturer HP is presented as one of the most favorable on the market, because, within its attributes, it is capable of printing a page in sleep mode in only 11, 3 seconds.

In addition, this model is efficient to save time and speed up printing projects because it has an 850-sheet capacity tray, so reloading paper will have to be done less frequently. It also supports remote printing from the mobile without the need for WiFi codes or passwords.

According to its manufacturer’s specifications, this printer is capable of reaching a monthly average of 50,000 A4-size pages. However, it is recommended that the volume be between 750 and 4,000 to ensure good performance, knowing that there are various factors that determine a higher or lower production. It can also print double-sided, is fast and is protected.

This model is rated one of the most favorable, but before making a hasty purchase, review its pros and cons to certify that it is suitable.


  • Performance: This printer has an appropriate performance, since it is capable of printing 27 pages per minute, both in color and in black and white.
  • Cartridges: The model has been equipped with 4 pre-installed cartridges of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, offering suitable combinations.
  • Design: The proposal has a compact and relatively light design that can be placed in offices due to its weight of almost 17.5 kilos, with a high-capacity sheet tray.
  • Management: It can be printed easily, with management through tablets and smartphones without configurations. You just need to access, print and share.


  • Refill: This model works with print cartridges. When the originals run out, they need to be replaced, which requires an investment from time to time.

Buying Guide Best Color Laser Printers

Laser technology is a step forward in terms of printing speed while maintaining adequate output quality. Products that reduce costs compared to traditional inkjet printing, also avoid problems such as running inks or dry cartridges.

If you want to jump into one of these new products, just read our guide to buying the best color laser printer and discover the guidelines that will help you make that purchase optimal for you and your printing needs.

Although we know that laser printers have a good speed, the truth is that this parameter is one of those that serve us to segment any comparison of color laser printers that fall into our hands. An aspect that we must assess together with the corresponding print quality so that both parameters are adjusted to what we need.

If what we are looking for is a good and inexpensive color laser printer, we can find models with resolutions that are around 1200 x 600 dots per inch. This should be the basic reference that we should not ignore or reduce, in order not to lose quality. If we want something more, we can increase it to 2400 x 1200 dpi. Obviously, it is not qualified to print photos but it is to give more than decent results.

Regarding speed, the laser we already know is a guarantee of high efficiency and little waiting when it comes to printing. A section in which we do have more options to choose from, depending on the documentary volume that we plan to handle. So we can find from the cheapest models, with speeds of 10 or 15 pages per minute, to those of greater intensity that can reach 30. It all depends on our budget and our needs.

Ease of use

We continue to analyze details of these products and then we will discuss the comfort of using them. A convenience that is influenced by different elements such as the design of the printer’s control panel or the connectivity options it includes, to name a couple of them.

The control panel is the element that serves as a link with the printer. So the broader the options and the larger the screen size it includes, the better. These options are especially important in multifunction models, which we will discuss later, as well as in models with WiFi connectivity, which we will discuss below.

And is that this WiFi connectivity is another key aspect in order to work comfortably. The printers that include this technology, almost all of them today, have the advantage of not requiring cables for their installation while allowing us to easily print from the mobile or laptop with greater comfort. It is certainly a worthwhile feature.

Additional functions

We already have the main elements of our printer and now it would be time to add the additional elements that make our work easier. In this section, the multifunction models stand out, which offer us not only the printing function but also the copying or scanning of documents, among others. An extra that does not usually influence how much the printer costs.

Some functions for which it is also convenient to check the machine’s working capacity, as well as the paper load. Each laser printer has been designed for a number of impressions per month, which if exceeded can shorten the life of the machine. So it does not hurt to verify that the printer is at our level to avoid this problem.

As for the loading capacity, the higher the operating speed, the greater should be the amount of paper that we can load in the printer, as well as the capacity of its output tray. Some parameters are usually related to the aforementioned monthly workflow.

How to use a color laser printer

Both in the work office and in your home, sometimes it is necessary to have some products designed to give you the ease of having the printed documents that you prefer at hand, either because you are a university student or your work requires the act of making copies, printing, or even scanning important information.

That being the case, opting for a color laser printer would not be bad, so if you have already purchased yours you should look for detailed information about the installation and use that you could give it to extend its useful life, as well as to enjoy a good development of the same before each use.

Position the printer in a safe place

After you have unpacked your new printer, it will be time to position it in a comfortable and suitable place to give it the use it deserves. Of course, you should take into account its weight and dimensions, since some models are somewhat robust. In this way, make sure to place it on a stable base to avoid any type of incident over time.

Properly install the printer on your computer

If you want to connect your printer to the computer available at home or in the work office, you must first have the instruction manual at hand to be able to verify each step to follow. What is certain is that you will have to make this connection using the Ethernet cable and USB 2.0 if this is your case.

Also, some models come with an automatic installation program so that the computer can quickly recognize the printer. That is, you will not need to use any additional CD to finish the installation and make comfortable use of it.

Enjoy its multifunctional design

Depending on the model you have purchased, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a very particular operation. Well, some printers are suitable for printing documents, as well as for photocopying and scanning them. In this way, you only have to configure it depending on the task you want to perform, and in a matter of seconds, you will be able to have the document you want at hand and in the format you prefer.

Use the control panel

Thanks to the technological advance included in some models of laser printers, you can even make use of a control panel equipped with all the functions that they have to offer.

In this sense, said control panel is generally located at the top of the printer. It should be noted that it also has a small LCD screen, which will give you a better user experience, being able to be aware of the functions that the printer is performing.

Make use of wireless connectivity

As expected, you can also make use of wireless connectivity, that is, you could forget about those annoying cables that only break the decoration of your home or office, as well as the order of things.

In this way, if you wish, you can work through Wi-Fi connectivity, since you will only have to activate this function and in a few minutes you will be able to easily access the home network so that you and those who are present at home or in the office can have more open access to the task of printing the documents they want.

Best of all, you can also connect your cell phone and even the Tablet through Wi-Fi connectivity to print the files you want; You just have to pair both devices and that’s it.

Final words:

We presented the list of best color laser printers after comparing many products and customer reviews. I hope, you gained insights about printers and choose the best that fit your needs. Check the prices on Amazon and buy your printer with confidence. Happy Shopping!

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