Best Label Printer for Shipping

Best Label Printer for Shipping

Label printer is the necessary equipment in businesses. They make work a lot easy and quick. They allow you to print barcodes or label them conveniently. These printers are distinct from the typical printers because of their mechanism. They offer features like a built-in cutter that come in handy.

In businesses, these features save you the most important asset, your time. Enhance your productivity and ability to meet deadlines. 

They have two primary types. First, the printer has a keyboard and display. The keyboard is designated to enter barcodes or tags. This printer puts forward a good one-man show. In contrast, the second has to connect to the computer with a USB port, ethernet, or wifi to perform the task.

At a Glance:

Before selecting the best label printer for shipping, it’s important to pay close attention to some essential aspects such as compatibility with the computer, speed, volume, and connectivity.    

It’s a hectic task to choose the right model for your business. But your worries end here! We have prepared the list for the best label printer for shipping after comparing several models on the web and user reviews.

Our Recommendation Best Label Printer for Shipping

AwardDesignTypes of printersRetailer
Best Thermal Barcode Printer
Best PickZebra GK420t
Check Price
<strong>Best Postal Label Printer</strong>
Budget PickRollo Label Printer
Check Price
Wireless Shipping Label Printer
Staff PickDymo 4XL
Check Price
 Best Thermal Shipping Printer
Brother QL-820NWB
Check Price
Best Label Printer for Packages
Brother QL700
Check Price

Zebra GK420t

Best Pick

Best Thermal Barcode Printer

Zebra GK420t Best Thermal Barcode Printer

Zebra GK 420t is the most efficient model among the best label printer in the market. It gains popularity in the market because of its sleek and compact design, remarkable speed, and various connectivity option. It provides all standard connections such as USB. bidirectional and RS 232 for the stable transfer of data. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

Speed of 127mm per second deserves a special mention. Besides, it can print on 104mm paper ribbons. It can print labels as fast as you create them. You can also use 147mm roll that is a standard printing format,

This can fit in pretty much every business because of its versatility. Just to mention, it is also certified as a viable label printer to use in the medical sector.

Talking about its volume and performance.If your business demands thermal label printing all day long then this label printer is the best choice. It’s compatible with various industries because it can print code such as CODABAR, EAN13, EAN8 to mention a few.

We have given a highlight summary for a quick analysis so you know what it offers. 


  • Connectivity: All standard connectivity is available such as wireless. Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB.
  • Paper: Compatible with 104mm paper ribbon and 147mm roll of standard format.
  • Printing Speed: this unit is capable of printing 127mm per second, you can do bulk labeling in a short time.
  • Code Compatibility: It is compatible with various sectors’ code.
  • Printer Memory: This unit has 8 MB of internal memory that could store a sufficient amount of data so you don’t have to change settings frequently. 


  • Ethernet connection: By default, this connection is not available but you can request it if you need it.

Rollo Label Printer

Budget Pick

Best Postal Label Printer

Rollo printer Best Postal Label Printer

It’s a feature pack convenient and affordable printer. Surely it is worth the investment.

This unit doesn’t use ink or toner to print labels thanks to its innovative technology. It saves you from the hassle of refilling ink frequently. Businesses with large needs will find it exceptionally useful.

People love its portable design that can fit anywhere. Its sleek and compact design draws attention. You can move it anywhere without error in its performance.

Its affordability attracts the user the most. Performance is up to the mark even with an economical price tag and no ink printing saves you a big chunk of money.

Further mentioning its volume, you can expect an amazing volume of prints from this lean machine. To be precise you could print 238 labels per minute. On a plus side, it supports 1 core roll label and fanfold labels too.

It is also compatible with all major shipping platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify to name a few. 


  • Printing Speed: This unit can print at 150mm per second that quite good for this price range.
  • Paper Compatibility: It prints best on 4 by 6-inch media size however you can print on 1.57 inch to the 4.1-inch wide media format. It also supports fanfold labels.
  • Resolution: This model has a 203 dpi resolution, it’s less than its competitor. But it is still fine to print monochrome prints to get the work done.
  • Design: This printer has a sleek and compact design that could do well in a tough environment thus still fast and easy to use. 


  • Label Holder: It could print at 300 dpi but that slows its speed. If you use label rolls, you have to buy a separate label holder because it doesn’t have one.

Dymo 4XL

Staff Pick

Wireless Shipping Label Printer

Dymo 4XL Wireless Shipping Label Printer

This is the well-reputed thermal shipping printer that delivers remarkable labels and speed. Businesses often organize their data in MS Excel or MS Word. You would be glad to know. This model supports MS Excel, MS Word, and Outlook. That means you can directly print labels, addresses from your datasheet.

Additionally, you can also print markers, badges, address as well as folders or barcodes. Six professional templates are available to choose from. With Dymo’s free printing software, you can customize your graphics, address, or text according to your need.

With Dymo 4xl you can print on a standard paper size of 4 inches by 6 inches. However, it is also capable, of printing small labels such as 1-inch barcodes. 

You don’t have print label repeatedly because of low-quality prints or unclear codes that delays delivery. It delivers crystal clear labels thanks to its 300 dpi resolution.


  • Printing Speed: This model can print 129 high capacity 4 line addresses or 53 labels of 4 line addresses within a minute. That’s pretty fast.
  • Connectivity: It has a standard connectivity port USB and it is compatible with windows and mac.
  • Cost-Effective: Dymo 4XL doesn’t use ink or toner to print labels. It uses thermal technology to infuse print on paper. You can use it without breaking the bank.
  • Durable: It has a compact and slim design. That can handle a punch.
  • E-commerce Compatibility: This unit is compatible with all e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. You can directly print customer information from it.


  • Roll issue: It often rejects new rolls. And you need to restart the machine if it stops working.

Brother QL-820NWB

 Best Thermal Shipping Printer

Brother QL-820NWB Best Thermal Shipping Printer

Brother company is well known for its durable and simple, easy-to-use printers. This is one of the reliable printers, It won’t disappoint you. Speed and efficiency are important in the labeling process. And this label printer complies with all the requirements.

This machine has a compact design and small size. Although it looks professional and neat. It’s super easy to set up, you just need to download the software. Once it’s done, the printer is ready to use. Its navigation is self-explanatory so you can’t go wrong.

It delivers exceptional print quality. Text, graphics, or barcodes came out bold and crystal clear. Peeling off labels is also effortless. Besides, it can print in two colors, red and black that are quite useful to highlight important text.

This thermal labeling printer has a vast set of features that users adore. LCD is highly beneficial to ensure the codes are correct. Moreover, battery timing is exceptional, it can last long. And takes only 2 h 30 minutes to charge.

It offers various connectivity options,s, unlike the previous model. Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB connections are available. This way you can easily manage tasks from mobile. 


  • Speed: This unit has ultra-fast speed. It can print up to 110 standard 4 line addresses in a minute.
  • Resolution: This label shipping printer delivers clear and neat text, graphics with 300 dpi resolution.
  • Automatic Cutter: This is the most demanding feature in label printers because it saves time and enhances productivity. And this label printer has a built-in cutter.
  • Cost-Effective: This shipping label printer uses thermal technology that means no ink or toner is required.
  • Paper Compatible: It allows to print maximum label length up to 3 feet and 2.3 sheet size could be used.


  • Window Issue: Some user claims that it doesn’t work well with windows.

Brother QL700

Best Label Printer for Packages

 Brother QL700 Best Label Printer for Packages

Moving forward with the list of best label printers of 2021, Ql700 deserves a mention, manufactured by well-recognized brand Brother. 

Its shine bright is due to its speed and design. This unit is capable of printing 93 standard labels in a minute. That enhances your productivity and speed. With its ultra-fast speed, you save valuable time that is the most important asset in the shipping process.

Brother is immensely loved by users and you can see why. It adds all necessary features to its printer at an economical price. Like other brother models, this unit also provides a built-in automatic cutter. This feature is quite handy for e-commerce businesses

This label shipping printer is the best buy for the money. Resolution 300*600 dpi is another worth mentioning aspect. It delivers crisp text, graphics, and logos on maximum label width of 6.2 labels that are easy to peel off. Provide rounded corner labels and print on continuous length of paper up to 3 feet long. 

It is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Do the necessary setting and it’s ready to print with its thermal technology. That’s gonna save you from buying replacement supplies.

This slim machine is lightweight, small, and compact but yet durable. It can easily be fit on your desk without covering munch space. Thanks to its 20*15*50 cm dimensions and 500 grams weight.


  • Resolution: Its 300*600 dpi resolution is the exceptional feature that delivers subtle graphics, text and makes sure your logo has clarity and sharpness. Which gives a very high-quality impression to your customer.
  • Speed: 93 standard labels in a minute, is its printing capacity. It’s acceptable for this decent, lean label printer.
  • Paper Compatibility: Determining the right model for your business that demands wide format prints. You should know this model can print on 3 feet long paper length and 6.2 cm of maximum width.
  • Technology: This model has a built-in automatic tape cutter that saves time and thermal technology to save ink expense.


  • Drivers Issue: According to some users. This label printer doesn’t support Windows 10 so you must download alternate drivers.

Buying Guide Best Label Printer for Shipping

Label printers are one of those peripheral devices that automate the task at home or the workplace. Undoubtedly they are the bigger facilitator in organizing stuff. In any business or company, it’s utmost necessary to label files, documents, discs, or other products with name and price. Surely labeling makes tasks easy and proves to be a great help in organizing.

Not only for the office, but you can also use it at home too. We definitely need it for our fridge.

These sleek and slim machines are quite cost-effective, so you can take advantage of them without breaking the bank. These label printers use thermal printing technology. This system doesn’t consume ink or toner, unlike a regular printer. Instead, only a paper reel is required to do the job.

Right now, a variety of printers are available in the market. They are offered by different brands with distinct features.

We have prepared a buying guide for the best label printer for shipping to provide you aid to choose the correct model. It will help you to acquire the best and reasonable label printer according to your needs.


When you analyze the market a bit, you will see multiple brands commercializing themselves at the same type of product. However, a comparison of these products shows, the label printer capacity is a decisive aspect of this equipment.

Businesses and companies with a mediocre demand need a label printer that can deliver 60 to 90 labels per minute and offers wide format printing or lengthy prints on paper. 

Dymo and Brother printers are quite popular in this sector. Some best-performing models are being reviewed in the list too. They offer ultra-fast speed, wide and long format printing with automatic cutter. That is utmost demanded by commercial sectors.


Connecting our mobile devices with other equipment is necessary for smooth operation. The modern shipping label printer support wireless, wifi connection. However, some only use a standard USB connection that needs to be installed on a computer, with the help of designated software to send data and print labels. 

Some models use alkaline batteries; they are more analog and don’t require a computer connection. They work independently and are of portable use. For this reason, they don’t have a modern connection interface. 


Suppose your hunt for a label printer is determined by its upfront cost. I would suggest you check its performance against its price. It’s an obvious super cheap printer that delivers poor quality and is not useful. They are also difficult to use and don’t perform well in the long run.

To overcome these circumstances, I recommend you to check for software availability. With the software, you can choose from various professional templates that make label editing easy. You can conveniently edit your logo, taglines, or designs. 

Options to add your logo and slogan to the label add professionalism to work. The software allows you to print barcodes and, at the same time, directly include them in your database. The best part is, you don’t need any prior knowledge to get it done. It could easily be used by any employee in a company.


My advice is, don’t just buy a product right away because of low price or expensive fancy equipment that you can’t take full advantage of. First, determine your needs and type that is more suitable. The cost depends on the type of printer.

If you are operating a business from home that demands a few hundred labels, then look label printer that provides it, and it should be at a reasonable cost.

On the other, e-commerce store owner needs a printer that delivers fast and quality labels with other advanced features like an automatic cutter to speed up their shipments. For these professional industrial-grade printers, you need to invest more.

Printing Volume: 

It is equally important to speed. You must choose a printer that best suits your printing needs. Not all printer is designed for sizeable label printing. There are models in the market that can only print a hundred per day, or others can score far above a hundred.

Take time and access your printing needs. For example, how often do you print and how much? If it adds up to considerable volume, then opt for a printer with 100+ label prints per day.

For this part, the business and e-commerce sectors have sizeable printing needs that demand a label printer that can print 500 labels per day. 

Final Words:

Label printer is a piece of must-have equipment to organize the files and shipping packages on time. Since you came this far. I hope, this article helped you to choose the right one from the list of best label printers for shipping for yourself. If you asked me, I would go with Dymo and Brother label printers.

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