Best Label Printers

Best Label Printers

Label printers are very useful devices in our business or workplace, since they allow us to print barcodes, labels or business cards, quickly and conveniently. Before choosing a particular model, you must be very clear about some aspects, such as the dimensions of the equipment, since these must be adequate to the spaces and the size of the computer, as well as the connectivity with it and the printing pace.

Which should be sufficient for the volume of work. After reviewing the best-selling models and user ratings on the web, we have chosen two models considered among the best in the current market. The first is the Zebra GK420t, a desktop thermal label printer, capable of offering good print quality and with 8MB of storage. Second, we highlight the Brother QL700, with direct thermal technology, capable of printing up to 93 labels per minute.

At a Glance:

Buying the best label printer is not as simple as it seems, this is a very useful device for businesses and companies, but also for home use, so we present a summary of the products with the best reputation among our users in order to help you to make a smart purchase by knowing its characteristics and advantages.

Our Recommendation Best Label Printers 2021

AwardDesignTypes of printersRetailer
Best Label Maker
Best PickZebra GK420t
Check Price
Thermal Label Printer
Budget PickBrother QL700
Check Price
Label Printer
Staff PickDymo LetraTag LT-100H
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Best Label Printers
Dymo 9 Label LCD
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Wireless Label Printer
Dymo Omega Ruban 9mm
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Zebra GK420t

Best Pick

Best Label Maker

Zebra GK420t Best Label Maker

Among the best label printers on the market, we can find this efficient model, the GK420t. The reason it has managed to position itself in such a way is that it is so easy to use in the first place. Its design is simple and has different connection configurations, such as bidirectional USB, and RS-232, for an always stable information transfer.

Its print speed is 127mm per second and it has been designed for 104mm paper ribbons. In addition, you should know that, despite being versatile for any type of business, it complies with the certifications to meet the needs of the medical sector, being very useful for printing bracelets and labels, for example.

Before purchasing this thermal printer, we recommend that you take a look at the highlights summary we have prepared. Thus, you can be aware of what it can offer.


  • Printing standards: It is compatible with CODABAR, EAN13, EAN8, Industrial ⅖ codes, among others. Being easy to adapt the printer to various sectors.
  • Internal memory: By including an 8 MB internal memory, you will have no problem keeping the necessary settings on the device.
  • Paper Compatibility: It is possible to use rolls with a diameter of 127 mm, which is a fairly common format.
  • Speed: You can print at 127mm / s, which can help achieve a nimble business flow.


  • Ethernet connection: This type of connectivity is optional on the model. If you require this type of communication, you should make sure to request it.

Brother QL700

Budget Pick

Thermal Label Printer

Brother QL700 Thermal Label Printer

Continuing with the list of the best label printers of 2021, we must mention the QL700 model from the renowned Brother brand, which stands out for its great speed, capable of printing 93 labels per minute to speed up your tasks, saving you the main asset you have, your time.

Like the previous model, this equipment prints with an excellent resolution of 300 x 600 dpi on a maximum label width of 6.2 cm that you can personalize with your logo and images and the text you want.

It also provides automatic tape cutting to make your work even easier. The great thing about these professional printers is that they print with thermal technology so you don’t have to worry about buying replacement supplies.

This equipment has a compact, lightweight, and functional design, it takes up little space thanks to its dimensions of 20 x 15 x 50 cm and weighs 500 grams.


  • Resolution: Its resolution is 300 x 600 dpi, which will give you a very high-quality impression, with the sharpness and clarity that you want to find in these computers.
  • Capacity: Its printing capacity is 93 labels per minute. That is to say a little faster than the previous one.
  • Width: In order for you to determine if it is the right model for your company or your business, you should know that this model prints at a maximum width of 6.2 cm.
  • Technology: It has thermal technology that will help you save on cartridges and inks. In addition, it has the automatic cutting of the tape


  • Drivers: According to the opinion of one of your customers, this printer is not compatible with Windows 10 and you must download the corresponding drivers.

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H

Staff Pick

Label Printer

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H Label Printer

By knowing the characteristics of the products that we recommend in this list, you will be able to choose which is the best label printer to meet your requirements.

For less demanding uses such as labeling boxes, pricing products, labeling school items, among others, the DYMO printer fully fulfills these functions.

It is portable equipment, with a dynamic design that fits in the palm of the hand, has a user-friendly interface, a two-line screen with 13 characters of capacity that allows the preview of the label to edit it before printing it .

In addition to printing on colored labels, you can adjust the style of the font, place underlined, bold and change the size of the text using the navigation keys that allow quick access to all the functions.

This equipment uses 4 AA batteries and has an automatic shutdown function to help save them, however you can also use it with the AC connector directly.


  • Screen: It has a two-line LCD screen where you can view and edit the label you want to print.
  • Battery: For its operation, it requires 4 AA batteries, which offer good performance and a wide autonomy.
  • Automatic shutdown: It incorporates the automatic shutdown function, which will help you extend the life of the batteries and thus contribute to their savings.
  • Design: Its design is really compact and light, so you can easily take it wherever you need it.


  • Tape: According to what one of your customers points out, the tape lasts little and its spare parts are quite expensive.

Dymo 9 Label LCD

Best Label Printers

Dymo 9 Label LCD Best Label Printers

From the renowned manufacturer DYMO, the S0758380 model stands out for its high performance at the lowest cost, which is why it deserves the title of the best value for a money label printer.

It is an efficient labeler and one of the cheapest available on the market, it differs from the previous model in the qwerty keyboard. It uses four AA batteries but it can also be used connected to the current, it has a memory to store 9 labels, and a 13-character LCD screen.

With the automatic shutdown function, you can save batteries when you use it wirelessly. It is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic design, it weighs just 480g and measures 9 “by 9” and its size makes it much easier to write labels.

With this printer, you can modify 5 sizes of letters plus 8 types of boxes that can be printed in two lines. With the navigation buttons, you can quickly and easily access all the functions of the equipment.


  • Screen: It has an LCD screen that allows you to clearly see what you are going to print and what you are editing through the keyboard.
  • Memory: It has a memory that gives you the possibility to save up to 9 labels that you will possibly use frequently.
  • Battery: Amrita of four AA batteries, which will give it the necessary power when starting its operation.
  • Design: It has an ergonomic, light, and very practical design, so you can print the labels that will give a great appearance to your business.


  • Batteries: It does not include the batteries that are needed for its operation. You will have to make an additional expense to acquire them.

Dymo Omega Ruban 9mm

Wireless Label Printer

Dymo Omega Ruban 9mm Wireless Label Printer

To finish our list of recommendations, we present one more member of the Dymo family, a classic labeler that uses direct thermal printing technology in an analog way, does not need batteries or electrical connections to operate, it is totally portable and very easy to use for any member of the family.

Due to its vintage style, it is ideal for making scrapbooks, labeling documents, folders and photographs, as well as children’s school belongings or organizing your cupboard of utensils and stationery.

It uses 9mm tape, which is easier to remove from the back with the improved tape cut function over previous models.

This color label printer is one of the cheapest because you should not spend large sums of money on disposable batteries that pollute the environment and its ergonomic design allows a firm but soft grip thanks to the handle with the exclusive Soft-GripSM technology.


  • Printing: For its operation, it incorporates thermal printing that does not require batteries or connections to the electrical current.
  • Handle: Its handle is very soft and it’s a rubber handle, so you can manipulate it without complications.
  • Cutting function: It incorporates an improved cutting function, which will help you finish the task in an easier way and in less time.
  • Tape: Includes a 9mm tape that will be useful to use the machine from the moment it reaches your hands.


  • Durability: Users express that this machine does not provide great durability, because for some of them it has stopped working in a very short time.

Buying Guide Best Label Printers

Peripheral devices undoubtedly facilitate all office automation tasks that are carried out at home or at work and label printers are one of these important pieces of equipment. In any business, trade, or company, it is always necessary to label files, documents, portfolios, compact discs with information, place prices on products, among others, which is easily done with a label printing machine.

These teams have many advantages, one of the most important is that they do not consume ink or toner cartridges because they use the thermal printing system, using only the paper reels to print. There are currently a variety of models and brands available.

To help you choose correctly, we present this guide to buying the best label printer, with which you will have the necessary information to acquire a good and economical printer that suits your needs.


In the current market, you can get a great variety of models and brands specialized in the commercialization of this type of equipment. When making a slight comparison of label printers, you will notice that the capacity factor is decisive in the characteristics of the same.

For medium-sized businesses and businesses, you need a computer that can print many labels at the same time. Among the most popular models, you will find printers that have the power to make 60 to 90 labels per minute, with a maximum width determined by the equipment that does not exceed 10 cm. For larger dimensions and more capacities, you should purchase more professional or industrial-type printers. Most of these kits include a pre-cut option to make it easier to peel off the label.


If your search for printers is determined by knowing how much it costs, we recommend that you check that its operation is as good as its price, because a super cheap printer is of no use but that is difficult to use, that does not have good quality print or labels cannot be edited. To avoid this situation, we suggest you check that the chosen model includes software so that you can edit and design your own labels from predesigned models that it has incorporated.

You should also have the option of including logos and images to personalize the labels with your company slogan for added professionalism. The importance of specialized software is contingent on the possibility of printing barcodes of your products and that you can include them in your database quickly, easily, and intuitively, without the need for prior knowledge and experience, something that is easy to do. for any of the employees located in that department.


Today it is important to synchronize your electronic devices with the rest of the equipment. The latest label printers include a Wi-Fi connection so you can wirelessly print your labels from any of your mobile devices. However, you will also find those that only have a USB connection to be installed on the computer, where you will have the specialized software and from there send all the designed labels to print.

For their part, there are the home models that are more analog and are independent of computers because they use alkaline batteries, for portable use, as well as a current regulator to connect directly to an electrical outlet; that is why they do not have the modern connection interfaces. We will talk about these teams in the next section.

Home use

“Homemade” labelers are very different from printers for commercial, business, and industrial use. These computers, in addition to being inexpensive, are small, portable, and easy to use. They include a screen with a maximum of characters, where you can enter alphabetic or numeric digits and then extract the label.

These types of labelers have been on the market for a long time and although they have tried to modernize themselves, their operating principle is still very basic. There are models that can be taken with one hand and that look like old mobile phones. Others have opted for a larger size innovated with Qwerty keyboards for ease of users. In short, you must evaluate what type of printers you need before making an investment.


Definitely, the cost of your label printer will depend on the type of equipment you need. If it’s for use at home, labeling your kids’ school belongings, personalizing your scrapbook book, and labeling your craft boxes, you’ll do well to invest very little money for a traditional label printer.

But, if, on the other hand, you need the printer for your office, make CD or DVD labels for your executive presentations, label products with their descriptions, etc., you should invest money in a professional label printer with which you will obtain excellent labeling. the resolution, different fonts, including images, logos, and more. By knowing these details you can select which is the best label printer on the market.

How to use a label printer

These devices make it easy for users to print bar codes, labels, cards, among others, quickly, with a high-resolution quality and without having to go to an intermediary who provides the printing service.

It is a fairly high investment for small companies or for users looking to reduce production costs. These printers are compact and for you to understand more how to use them and get the best out of them, here we leave you a series of recommendations to take into account.

Open the lid to access the internal module

In order to use the label printer, it is necessary to open the cover that gives you access to the internal part of the device for the placement of consumables -flexible material that stamps on the blank labels-. You must locate the latches that keep the lid tight to the device in order to open it.

Insert the consumable cylinder

In the module where the consumable roll goes, the cylinder should only be inserted by pushing from one end to the other, in one of the axes that are visible. It is necessary to be very careful in two aspects: the first is to be careful not to damage the consumable, since the print quality will not be the same and can damage the product, and the second, to ensure that it hooks correctly.

Empty tube for consumable remains

On the other axis, you must insert an empty tube so that the consumable material passes over it and leaves the remains of the used material. It is important for the user to verify that the notch has been snug against the cylinder to prevent the cylinder from loosening during printing.

Adjust the role of the consumable on the axes and wait for the signal

After adjusting the consumable, the material is stretched to fix it properly, the lid is closed, and the printer is activated. The device is expected to indicate that it has been accurately calibrated.

Label cylinder placement

To place the blank labels, you must place the cylinder on the adjustable axes, according to the measurements that best suit your needs. The printer has guides that will ensure that the route of the labels does not deviate from its course.

Fix the cylinder of the labels

Once the labels have been set, proceed to fix the paper end of the drum on the roller that pushes the media. Close the lid of the equipment and wait for the printer to automatically calibrate the label paper through its sensors and you can start printing. Several label printers have an automatic cutter that will make handling the labels much easier.

Connecting the device to the computer

To connect the printer to your computer, you just have to connect the electrical cable from the device to the outlet and then the USB cable that goes from the computer to the computer where the driver and the program that they normally come with must already be installed. these apparatuses for the edition and assembly of the designs of the labels.

Test page to check installation

Now you can check if the installation was successful. For this, you must go to the “Control Panel”, in “Printer Properties”, and select the option “Print test page”; once you have verified that everything is ok, the label printer is ready to go.

Final Words:

We compiled this list of best label printers along with buying guide and the pros, cons of each product to help you choose the right one according to your liking. We hope this article helped you to clear confusion and made the right decision.

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