Best Photo Printers

Best Photo Printers

Having photographs at home has been somewhat expensive and complex due to the price of this type of printer and its ink consumption. Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce this cost, offering a practically professional level of quality that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home and with the applications you like the most.

The most recommended model of the moment by users is the HP Sprocket X7N07A portable printer, which is capable of printing instant photos with dimensions of 5 x 7.6 cm, in addition, it is the size of mobile and weighs only 170 g. On the other hand, the Kodak PD-450WE works utilizing a 5-pin micro USB cable, so you can use it easily, it can also print photos of 10 x 15 cm and offers a new technology of thermal transfer by ink diffusion, which avoids printing errors.

At a Glance:

Anyone wants to be able to print their photos at home, but if we’re not careful, we can buy the wrong printer. The best photographic printer is not the most expensive, nor the cheapest, but the one that is capable of providing us with the functions that we need. And it is that what one needs, does not necessarily serve another person, that is why it is not good to generalize.

However, we believe that making a list with different models of the best photographic printers of this year could help a lot to choose one that suits our requirements.

Our Recommendation Best Photo Printers

AwardDesignTypes of printersRetailer
Portable Photo Printer
Best PickHP Sprocket
Check Price
Best Home Photo Printer
Budget PickKodak PD-450WE
Check Price
Best Budget Photo Printer
Staff PickPolaroid Zip
Check Price
All In One Photo Printer
Canon SELPHY CP910
Check Price
Epson Photo Printer
Epson XP-8500
Check Price
Best Picture Printer
Epson Stylus1500W 
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HP Sprocket

Best Pick

Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This printer includes a Bluetooth wireless connection, so you can instantly share images on photo paper or 5 x 7.6 cm stickers, this is possible thanks to the Sprocket mobile phone application, which allows you to select images from the device easily and comfortably.

It is good to take into account that being a mini printer, the image quality is not that high, so it is recommended only to share photos on paper informally with family and friends, recovering the old traditions. It is one of the most compacts on the market, measuring 7.5 x 11.5 x 2.2 cm and weighing only 172 g, so it has a structure very similar to a smartphone.

One of the most relevant benefits of this model is that it has wireless technology through Bluetooth 3.0 so that it is compatible with mobile devices so that you can print photos as if you were publishing them on social networks since you only have to slide your finger on the screen of your phone, select an image and then the printer icon.

Connectivity is possible thanks to a new application called Sprocket, developed by the HP company, which has been specially designed to process images and send them instantly to the printer, obtaining a physical photograph in a matter of seconds. Likewise, it allows you to connect with several users at the same time so that your friends can also print the photos from their smartphones. This application is available for Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or higher operating systems.

The printing technology used is the so-called Zink or zero ink, which consists of printing on a special paper that has several layers, some sensitive to heat that contain dyes of the colors magenta, cyan and yellow, but colorless to the naked eye, a layer coating that protects the image and another that may have a sensitive adhesive to use as a sticker. In this case, the HP Sprocket X7N07A is able to control both the intensity and the duration of the heat impulses, to print the photograph in a few moments.

It offers a maximum resolution of 313 x 400 dots per inch, which provides acceptable sharpness for printing 5 x 7.6 cm snapshots or stickers. These pocket photos are convenient to put on the walls of the room and keep in your wallet, this way you can take the memory of a good time everywhere.

It works with an internal lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 500 mAh and 7.4 V, for electrical power of 15.91 watts. Loading time is just 1 hour and 30 minutes, to print approximately 15-20 photos.

Its compact size stands out, which makes it portable and light, since it has dimensions of 7.5 x 11.5 x 2.2 cm and a weight of only 172 g, in this sense, you can take it everywhere. It should be noted at this point that it is delicate equipment, so it is not prepared for strong impacts.

It has a modern but sober design, with a white finish and bronze details that give it a special appeal. It has a button to turn on and off, as well as a USB slot and the lid is removable to incorporate photographic paper. As if that were not enough, it brings a package with 10 units of paper, so you can use it immediately, and includes a USB charging cable.


  • Portable: This model has a very small size similar to mobile that weighs 170 grams only.
  • Inks: This product uses a sublimation process to print on paper. It doesn’t use ink.
  • Wireless: this model is capable of printing directly from mobile thanks to its Bluetooth connection.


  • Print size: It can print 7.6* 5 centimeters. That is smaller than conventional prints.
  • Paper cost: It has a high cost relative to its paper type.

Kodak PD-450WE

Budget Pick

Best Home Photo Printer

Kodak PD-450WE Best Home Photo Printer

It has a simple and fast system to print photos with a lot of details and a glossy finish since it works with D2T2 thermal transfer so that the colors do not smudge or disappear. It also offers dimensions of 10 x 15 cm, which corresponds to the standard measurement for traditional photos in family albums, so they are neither too small nor too large.

It works with an Android plug and an adapter for the iOS Lightning system, so you can easily connect it to your smartphone, through a 5-pin Micro USB system, but it is also compatible with digital cameras and Memory Stick through the USB port. As if that were not enough, the wall lamp is capable of providing a fast charge to your mobile, so you can keep the printer in your office to use it as a charger.

For quality printed photos, it is wise to have the best brand of photo printers. For this reason, it is convenient to review in detail this model from the North American company Kodak:


  • Technology: It is capable of printing high-quality images, thanks to heat transfer technology that combines colors without smudging.
  • Connectivity: Offers wireless connection via WiFi, as well as the possibility of connecting devices via USB.
  • Size: Measures just 10 x 7 x 16.6 cm and weighs 762 g, making it easy to move from place to place.
  • Application: This allows you to install the Kodak Photo Printer application for free, so that you can enjoy different special functions from your mobile.


  • Accessories: This model includes only the printer, so you must purchase the paper separately.

Polaroid Zip

Staff Pick

Best Budget Photo Printer

Polaroid Zip Best Budget Photo Printer

We continue this special article with another portable photo printer model, which prints directly from smartphones and tablets because it has Bluetooth and NFC technologies.

The Polaroid POLMP01W is even smaller and lighter than the previous model but can print 5 x 7.6 cm photos, full color, glossy and smudge-proof, as it is used with Polaroid’s exclusive ZINK paper, so it does not need ink. no tape, no cartridges.

It uses a rechargeable lithium battery that recharges in an hour and a half and is capable of printing up to 25 high-quality photos. It can be connected through a standard USB (micro) port, this way you can recharge it from the PC or from an outlet adapter.

The paper used by the Polaroid POLMP01W also has an adhesive back surface, which allows you to use the photos as labels and stick them wherever you want.

This model is compatible with Android, IOS and with the purchase of the printer you can download Polaroid ZIP for free, the application that will allow you to connect with your phone.

From the creators of instant photography comes a photographic printer reminiscent of those first photos developed instantly, but with all the technology of today. Due to its quality, we can say that we are facing the best photographic printer for 150 euros in the current market.


  • Connectivity: in addition to including the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, it also has NFC printing, present in many modern mobiles.
  • Rechargeable battery: the printer has a battery that, in just an hour and a half, stores enough charge to print up to 25 images.
  • ZINK paper: the included ZINK paper does not require inks, cartridges, or anything else. The paper is printed directly by reacting with the camera.
  • Compact: due to its small size, you can always take it with you wherever you go.


  • Spare parts: some users mention that unused spare parts lose quality, so you should always store them according to the instructions included.

Canon SELPHY CP910

All In One Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP910 All In One Photo Printer

When it comes to choosing the best quality-price photo printer, we cannot fail to mention the Canon brand and with this model, it proves once again to be one of the leaders in photographic solutions. If you need a practical way to print your photos directly from the camera or your Smartphone, this may be your best option.

The Canon SELPHY CP910 gives you photographs with the same quality that you would obtain in a professional laboratory, but from the comfort of your home, and beyond, from wherever you are because it is one of the most portable thanks to its dimensions of 17.5 x 12.5 x 6 cm.

One of the advantages of the Canon SELPHY CP910 is its excellent LCD screen with an intuitive user interface that is very easy for any member of the family to use. It can also be connected to other devices via WiFi, so you can decide whether to print wirelessly or use the USB port.

This ultra-portable printer has been specially designed for printing photos. It does not need a PC to work, being able to print directly through its Wi-Fi connection or through the included SD card port. The screen allows you to view images before printing and easily manage their operation.


  • Laboratory finish: if you wish, you have the option of printing photos with a laboratory finish for maximum quality.
  • Optimized – The printer has an automated engine that optimizes images for the best results.
  • Passport photo mode: if you need passport photos, this printer has a special mode to obtain them with hardly any configuration.
  • Connectivity: thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity it is very easy to print from your mobile or tablet directly.


  • Size: due to its characteristics, you can only print photos with a maximum size of 10 x 15.

Epson XP-8500

Epson Photo Printer

Epson XP-8500 Epson Photo Printer

This printer offers a wide variety of functions that allow you to obtain quality photos from the comfort of your home. One of the most important benefits is that it uses separate ink cartridges, so you will have the opportunity to replace only the color that is out of stock, thus saving ink and money.

Claria Photo HD Ink has the advantage that they last longer in the photo album so that your most important memories can be enjoyed by new generations. In addition, Epson’s ReadyInk technology alerts you in advance when any of your cartridges are low. On the other hand, this printer has a WiFi connection and can be controlled from your mobile phone.

It has an LCD touch screen that offers intuitive operation so you can print in seconds. In addition, it has a tray for A4 paper and another for photos.

According to some users, this photo printer is a good option, as it is a multifunction device that also scans and copies. For this reason, its pros and cons are worth reviewing in more detail:


  • Inks: Uses independent inks of the colors magenta, black, light cyan, cyan, yellow, and light magenta.
  • Trays: It has a standard A4 size tray, one for photographs and one for printing on CD / DVD.
  • Screen: Thanks to its LCD touch screen you can see the image when printing it, as well as make print settings.


  • Noise: Being a multifunction printer, it emits a certain level of noise that can be annoying if other people are in hours of rest.

Epson Stylus1500W 

Best Picture Printer

 Epson Stylus1500W Best Picture Printer

Defining which is the best photographic printer is not an easy task, however, here you will see that we have selected models of well-known international brands as they all meet the support of years in the design of printers and cameras, which in short are the branches that interest us at this time.

An example of this is the Epson Stylus Photo 1500W that allows the practical wireless connection and also directly from the camera, benefits that not all photographic printers offer.

It is a printer for home use, that is, it is not suitable for large volumes of work, but it does work very well in the case of those photography enthusiasts who need quality prints from the comfort of home, especially if they need it. like prints in A3 format.

But if you need to print from time to time in your office it can also be functional, only that the user should not be exceeded to extend its useful life, remember that there are industrial models specifically designed to make many prints.

The Epson Stylus Photo 1500W connects via WiFi with your devices, be it iPhone, iPad, laptop, or others. In addition, you can use iron-on transfer paper, which gives you a professional final result.

Within the current market, the Epson Stylus Photo 1500W model is considered the best photographic printer of the moment. Both for its quality and for its versatility of use. If you want to know which photographic printer you should buy to be able to do everything, this is your choice.


  • Resolution: compared to other models, this photographic printer has a quality of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch, one of the highest on the market.
  • Droplet size: 1.5pl droplet size offers perfect color gradation and optimal image resolution.
  • Cartridges: compared to the two or four cartridges of traditional printers, this one has up to six different cartridges, for a better result.
  • Connectivity: you can print from your PC or directly from your camera, simply using a USB cable.


  • Speed: due to the special quality of this model, the printing speed is somewhat lower than usual. But it is worth it.

Buying Guide Best Photo Printers

Although digital photography has put aside, in part, conventional printing on paper, the truth is that there are photos that are worth having physically to see whenever we want. A process that, thanks to current printers, is easy to carry out directly from home.

If you don’t know much about these types of printers, take a look at the guidelines included in our guide to buying the best photographic printer, according to your needs and budget, and you will see what you should look for to obtain the highest quality at the best price.

When it comes to printing, the image resolution we can achieve is important. But when we talk about photographic printers this aspect is essential, since the poor quality will surely prevent us from enjoying our photos with all the quality with which they were taken. In the case of this type of printer, due to its high demand, our comparison of photographic printers shouldn’t include any product that does not resolve at least 2400 x 1200 dots per inch.

This is the minimum acceptable resolution, although lovers of high quality can increase it to levels of 4800 x 2400 dots, for a much more remarkable result. However, do not forget that resolution has an important weight in how much the photographic printer you are evaluating costs.

Regarding the size of the print and even the equipment, we also have several options. On the one hand, we find the photographic printer models, similar to the old instant photo printers, which have a compact design and are easy to carry, although they print in tight sizes.

If you prefer to have full freedom to print in any size, you just have to choose a conventional desktop model, where you can print your photos even in A3 format, in those models compatible with this measure.

Printing costs

Since the photographic printing process requires specific equipment, inks, and papers, it is convenient to assess the printing costs of the product you are evaluating to make an intelligent decision. Something that is also in line with the volume of photos you want to print, so that both elements are properly aligned.

One of the items that are used the most during this process is ink. Photographic printers work, for the most part, employing inkjet systems, the cost of which is not exactly cheap. The good news is that various manufacturers are presenting alternatives with which to lower the cost of ink consumption of the model, such as Epson’s EcoTank tank system. They are a good investment, especially for those who plan to make more volume of prints.

This cost of printing is also important in the standalone or direct printing models. Among other things, because they are products that do not use ink as such, but this ink is already included in the printing papers, which is directly “revealed” during the printing process. In this case, the price of the printing media is also variable, so it is convenient to see if the cost of each photo fits what you plan to spend.

Equipment connectivity and additional features

One of the aspects that should not be missing in your future photo printer is the connectivity without cables. We must bear in mind that currently we take photos from our mobile, from the iPad and other types of equipment, so avoiding cables when connecting our equipment saves us time and inconvenience during the process. To complete this Wi-Fi connectivity, many manufacturers have specific apps that you can download to your mobile to print directly and without complications, as befits a good and inexpensive photo printer.

Together with the corresponding printer, these types of apps can offer other functions such as remote printing. This feature allows you to send your photos the moment they are taken to be printed, even when you are not at home.

Finally, it is also interesting to look for a model with a card and memory port, with which you can directly access your content without the need for a PC. In printers equipped with this system, we have an SD card reader and other commonly accepted formats, as well as a conventional USB port. All these entries make it easier to print your photos, generally having a screen where you can view the photos and control the printing process autonomously and easily.

How to use a photo printer

A photographic printer allows you to hold and contemplate your printed photos –as it has been done all your life–, in addition to seeing all that family or professional iconography on the screen of your computer or smartphone, being able to treasure them in an album or as gifts to beloved.

Generalities of use

The use of this product is very intuitive and user-friendly, in addition to the fact that – as a good digital user you are – you have been developing skills in handling all these artifacts that surround you today. Right now you do it better than yesterday and tomorrow; of course, you will do better than today, with greater confidence and alacrity.

Choose the photos to print

First of all, choose each photograph you want to print. It is important to select, now, the print size that best adapts to the format of your photos: vertical, horizontal, or panoramic (especially for the landscapes you have taken on your travels). Check the connectivity available in your printer (USB port, via WiFi, Bluetooth, memory card, or, in some cases, direct insertion of your phone).

Check the ink levels

Before starting the process of printing your photos, check the ink levels on your computer. This ensures that you can faithfully reproduce the range of colors present in your digital images. Choose the level of print quality you want for each photo (that is, the resolution of the image).

Try to print your photos on photographic paper. Regardless of the printer model you use, this guarantees the result of the printing process. The “matte” finish paper is preferred by professional photographers and the glossy finish is more popular.

Try to try one and the other modality to see which one convinces you the most. Another piece of information indicates that matte favors portraits (especially in black and white or sepia tones), while glossy highlights landscapes.

Diversity of models

Most models of this product allow you to do without the computer, directly linking your camera or smartphone to the printer.

In terms of portability, there are very comfortable ultra-light models (electric or with battery function) that you can take everywhere. They print directly from your digital devices, via Bluetooth. Obviously, the smaller the dimensions of the equipment, the smaller the maximum size of your photographic prints will be, but not its quality.

The most sophisticated models manage to print – at maximum resolution and full color – up to 4 pages per minute and more than double the number of black and white prints, preserving all the grayscale.

Your selection of the model and brand of this equipment depends, to a large extent, on the utility you intend to give it. If you plan to print photos sporadically for your exclusive personal or family use, a modest model can satisfactorily meet your expectations.

The more demanding you are regarding image fidelity and frequency of use of the equipment, with professional ambitions, because then you must appeal to a multi-purpose photographic printer, with many more possibilities in terms of formats and features, being able to obtain finishes commercial photo lab.

Final Words

We put a lot of effort to bring the best photo printers for you. I believe it’s worth it and you have gained in-depth knowledge about the portable photo printer. Now wait no more move to given links and grab one to give colors to your memories.

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