Best Printer for Sticker

Best Printer for Sticker

No matter the occasion, stickers are the best way to stay organized and to do fun activities. It’s a really cost-effective and versatile way to spread the word out. Could be considered as the best option for low-cost marketing. You may have seen stickers and labels at doors, back of cars,s or other areas of this type. It clearly delivers your message relatively fun way and costs much less than PPC adds. Place a sticker at the back of your car and it would cost you nothing on monthly basis. It will do its job until it gets peeled off or prints fade away.

It’s a must to have for amateur and small business owners. Labeling product is a great way to do your business branding. Hobbyists can use it for customizing gifts, mugs, Christmas presents, and other creative ideas. There is a slight difference between sticker and label. Stickers are graphics and labels are used to provide information like your name, address, logo, or phone number.

At a Glance:

Days of Outsourcing labels and stickers to printing firms are long gone. Now people have seen the beauty of doing it itself. It saves cost and enhances your creativity and productivity.

Without a further do, let’s just dive in to explore the best printer for printing stickers. 

Our Recommendation Best Printer for Sticker 2021

AwardDesignTypes of printersRetailer
Best Sticker Printer
Best PickCanon’s PIXMA TS6220
Check Price
Sticker Label Printer
Budget PickHP OfficeJet Pro 8025
Check Price
Best Sticker Printer
Staff PickCanon’s Pixma Pro-200
Check Price
Home Sticker Printing Machine
HP ENVY 5055
Check Price
Best Printer for Vinyl Printing
Epson SureColor P600
Check Price

Canon’s PIXMA TS6220

Best Pick

Best Sticker Printer

Canon’s PIXMA TS6220 Best Sticker Printer

Its incredible low operating cost and excellent results make it a great fit for amateur photographers and small businesses.

Those who are about to step in, in sticker printing. They would find it very handy. It’s an entry-level machine that offers high precision and vibrant colors.

It comes with five ink cartridges. Standard and High yield sizes are both available. Besides its versatility, you will be amazed by its efficiency.

Its has 15 ppm speed and support multi sheets of size up to 12 * 12 inch. You can enjoy fast speed without compromising on quality thanks to its auto duplex printing feature.

No prior experience is needed to handle this device. It’s super easy to set up and use. If you like to do your work on mobile then this is your go-to device.

It offers wireless printing. All you have to do is to download an amazing canon app on your smartphone and connect with your printer. Once it did, you are all set to print your sticker, customize the label and documents.

Furthermore, you can use its voice activation mode. It also supports Amazon Alexa that makes it super convenient. You can check notifications, ink level, pages, lists,s and a lot more.


  • 15ppm speed
  • Vivid colors
  • Wireless printing
  • Voice activation mode


  • Lack of ADF (Auto Document Feeder)
  • Lack of Wifi direct Connectivity

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

Budget Pick

Sticker Label Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Sticker Label Printer

Hp pro 8025 is here to make your life peaceful. It’s a sensible choice for small businesses. It’s all in one printer that could handle light to medium workload.

It’s an entry-level to mid-range machine that is highly cost-effective and you can take advantage of it without breaking the bank. It’s a strong choice for entrepreneurs who want to print hundreds to a few thousand stickers and labels. You can save on running costs by subscribing to the hp ink program.

It prints super fast like its parent series. 20 monochrome and 10 color pages in one minute (ppm). This is a respectable speed for this midrange device. Not to mention the print quality is up to the mark.

It’s a compact device and its weight of 30 pounds deserves a special mention. You can fit it anywhere in your home or office. You can make more room by removing its tray.

The auto duplex feeder is attached in it that allows to send multiple pages into the scanner and hold up to 35 pages. This unit has a paper handling capacity of 225 pages for input and 60pages for output.

Moreover, it offers all the connectivity options that you can think of. Wireless, wifi direct, Airprint to mention a few.


  • Borderless printing
  • Fast Speed
  • Excellent Quality Print
  • Competitive running cost 


  • Single input source

Canon’s Pixma Pro-200

Staff Pick

Best Sticker Printer

Canon’s Pixma Pro-200 Best Sticker Printer

If you hustle to spread out the word about your brand then stickers and labels will do the greater job for you. Consider labeling your products for better branding. Quality and creative elements would provide value to your customer.

Canon Pixma pro-200 is all about quality and detail. It offers more color combinations than regular sticker printers. It offers high precision and an expanded color range because of its 8 dye ink cartridges. Ink cartridges include cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, yellow, black, grey, and light grey. It focuses on details while printing stickers in rich colors.

This unit maintains the natural color thanks to its built-in Chroma Optimizer feature. In addition, its black, gray and light gray cartridges work together to produce a stunning monochrome design. With 4800*2400 dpi it prints great glossy photos.

Its key feature is printing speed, It takes up to 33 seconds to print on standard mode and about 1 minute and a few seconds on high-quality mode. It’s pretty good for businesses with a large customer base. You can handle big batches in a short span while creating respectable colorful and lively prints.


  • High speed in all mode
  • Expanded color range
  • Borderless printing on gloss and mate print.


  • The capacity of ink cartridges is restricted.

HP ENVY 5055

Home Sticker Printing Machine

HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

It’s an inexpensive device with good features. It’s an entry-level printer suitable for beginners who wants to experiment and explore the printing mechanism. A great choice for hobbyists and businesses with small requirements. You can print stickers, labels, customized planners, or gifts for a special occasion.

It has a relatively high cost per print but there’s nothing to worry about. You can reduce this by subscribing to hp ink program. Although this unit itself track the ink level when it’s going to end and how many pages it could print further. This is a handy feature to keep track and maintain the task cycle. 

The big advantage of using the HP ink program is, it cost 3.5 cents per page no matter what you print. It could be a monochrome print that takes less ink or a color photo print that takes a big amount of ink coverage.

It could only print thousands of prints of sizes up to 8.5* 11 inches on monthly basis and the speed of 10 ppm is acceptable for this price range. These features make it well suitable for home and light office work.

In Addition, This model has a compact and lean design. It comes with an HP app driver and HP photo creation that provide free templates and a photo book. Wireless, wifi direct are quite convenient features of this device.


  • Affordable Purchasing price
  • Solid print quality
  • Low running cost with hp instant ink


  • No ADF(Auto document feeder)
  • No SD card and flash drive support

Epson SureColor P600

Best Printer for Vinyl Printing

Epson SureColor P600 Best Printer for Vinyl Printing

This is the successor in vinyl printing games. If you are running a business that priorities quality over price then there is no better choice than this.With the expanded ink range for sharp and crisp stickers, cost-effective and swift printing capabilities. This printer surpasses all of the above.

With the resolution of 5760*1440 dpi. You can give lively colors to your design. It uses 8 ink cartridges magenta, yellow, cyan, light magenta, light cyan, photo black, light black, matte black, and light black. Several color range makes it capable of both gray and color printing.

You could expect stunning prints with high precise, vivid, and bright colors. Its focuses on detailing and provides sharp prints.

It’s a wide format printer that can print up to 13 by 129 inches. Its capability to handle 1.3mm thick paper deserves a special mention too. This wide format is super fit for printing wide stickers or labels. For this large size of media it takes about 4 minutes and 1 minute for 4*6 inch paper.

Speaking of its compact design, it comes in a jet black finish, giving a sharp aesthetic look by its sleek and lean design.It offers all the connectivity options and color LCD display like its modern competitor printer.

It supports Wireless, Ethernet, Wifi, cloud, Wifi direct, and mobile connectivity and printing.


  • Stunning quality prints
  • Handle large media size
  • Handle fine art paper


  • Difficulty to feed fine art paper. 

Buying Guide Best Printer for Sticker

There are hundreds of options available in the market so first decide your goal. For which purpose do you need a printer and what mandatory feature it should have.

Set your budget and choose according to your need. Right printer saves you from the hustle and burnout. On the other side, one wrong choice can lead you down to a terrible road.

For home use, you need a printer with low running cost and medium printing speed but you end up buying a low upfront cost printer with high running cost and a wide color range that do no good to you. This regret gonna take a long time to fade away.

I have mentioned some factors to consider before buying a printer that you should keep in mind while purchasing. To ensure the most value for your money.


Color quality in printers is very essential. If you are using it for branding it’s more than ever important. Brand color needs to have a fine finish. It depends on t=printer resolution. The higher the resolution, the better is ita print quality. If you want to achieve amazing color quality and bright design, opt for a high-resolution printer.

It bright us to the next important factor you need to consider while buying the best printer for stickers. Pay attention to the finish of output. It varies from printer to printer so choose your printer wisely.

If you want a matte finish then you should also use matte paper for a coated stickers. These are suitable for outdoor use. 

Print on glossy paper gives a much more vibrant and vivid finish that feels appealing to the human eye. These are ideal for indoor use and provide durability for a long time.  

Running Cost

As I mentioned earlier about the low upfront cost could lead you down to a terrible road. Most brands advertise their product at a low upfront cost that seems budget-friendly. But, in actual it’s not the case. These types of printers would be heavy on your pocket because of the high running cost. This means you have to change the ink cartridges frequently and ink replenishment.

If you own a business then choose a cost-effective printer. The running cost would not much affect the hobbyist but it’s still better to buy according to your need.  


Its key feature is to look in the printer while hunting for businesses purposes. Printing speed is defined as page per minute(ppm). It tells us the volume, a printer could handle in a minute. If you have a sticker printing venture, go for a high-speed printer to complete your orders in a timely manner.


It always feels good to have a different option in life and in a printer too. It makes your task convenient. It’s good to have different connectivity options because if one fails you still have options B and C to fall on. Wireless, wifi, Bluetooth, and options like wifi direct in a modern printer are quite viable to use,

Final Words:

This brings us to the end of this article. I hope you find this buying guide useful and the product mentioned above meets your criteria of requirement and budget. Furthermore, do your research and choose wisely.

If, I have to select a winner. It would be Canon’s Pixma Pro-200 and runner-up EPSON SureColor p600

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