Best Sublimation Ink

Best Sublimation Ink

Customized products like mugs, t-shirt, or other items of this nature got skyrocketed popularity, and why not, it looks cool and gives you a chance to showcase your creativity.

But to achieve the optimal results, you need the right tools to start. Sublimation printer, paper, heat press machine and most essential the sublimation ink is necessary.

At a Glance:

Not everyone is interested in sublimation printing but mark my words it is the best, attractive and convenient process. Nowadays Shopify and e-commerce business is a boom so do sublimation business. To start this venture grab the right tool and dive in.

In this article, we will have a look at reliable and durable sublimation ink for printers.

Our Recommendation Best Sublimation Ink 2022

AwardDesignSublimation PrintersRetailer
Best Ink For Sublimation Printing
Best PickINKXPRO sublimation Ink
Check Price
Sublimation Ink for Sawgrass
Budget PickPrinter Jack 400ml
Check Price
 Best Sublimation Ink
Staff PickAOPANE Anti-UV
Check Price
Sublimation Ink for Epson 
Cosmic Ink
Check Price
Dye sublimation ink
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INKXPRO sublimation Ink

Best Pick

Best Ink For Sublimation Printing

INKXPRO sublimation Ink Best ink For Sublimation Printing

This is a great sublimation ink for those who don’t have prior experience or want to make some customized design.

 Don’t you worry about your Epson printer, no need to change it into a brand new dye-sublimation printer. This ink works well with Epson 7710 and 7720

Note this, all sublimation ink is not pleasant to work with. Some ink doesn’t deliver bright and amazing colors.On another side, InkXpro provides vibrant and vivid colors when being pressed on a heat machine.

You know what’s the best thing is, It’s self-explanatory. This would be a bit overwhelming for you if you are a beginner or have just started. But there is no one to blame.

Worry not, this sublimation ink is not tough to use, just load it in your printer and start following your direction.

It’s stressing to do something for hours and still stand at zero, situations like these discourage me to work again and no one likes that.

Here this sublimation ink outshines as it is easy to use and delivers quick, vivid, and quality results. Some sublimation ink gets clogged overnight which delays your work. If you even don’t use it for a month, this sublimation ink will not get clogged.

This high-quality ink works best with heat-press, mugs, polyester, plates, and shirt printing. Furthermore, you can easily download a free ICC profile for MAC and Windows from INKXPRO


  • Easy to use
  • Deliver Bright and vivid colors on the surface.
  • Compatible with sublimation paper
  • Best for mugs and t-shirt


  • Doesn’t Perform well in the first attempt but gives better output later

Printer Jack 400ml

Budget Pick

Sublimation Ink for Sawgrass

Printer Jack 400ml  Budget Sublimation Ink

Selecting the right sublimation ink for your business is hectic since you will be purchasing them very often. But believe me, this sublimation ink would be the best option to choose for your business. It will save you from big hassles

Before purchasing, do check the compatibility of ink with your printer. This ink could go well with WF7610, WF7010, WF7710, WF7720, WF7110, WF7210, WF3640, WF3610, WF3540. Okay, pretty much with every printer.

So your creativity on a t-shirt, mugs, phone cases, Christmas, Halloween, or gifts. Show your talent as much as you want with this sublimation ink.

What do you need to do? Just load this ink in your printer and adjust the mirror setting. Now, to enjoy your digital print converted into a permanent image set the temperature for accurate time and apply pressure on it.

This is a water-based dye sublimation ink that delivers heat transferring print at minimal time and produces vibrant and fantastic colors on the surface. This ink has 3 layers filtered formulation that puts forward high-quality prints.

Some ink fades after the wash. You don’t have to worry about the fades. This sublimation ink is fade-resistant thanks to its Anti-UV technology.

Clogging is the major issue in the sublimation process. If you handle bulk batches and use different inks, the ink gets clogged in the printer that takes a lot of time to clean, Who likes cleaning? NO one. This ink saves your time by avoiding it and gives a smooth printing experience.

This ink does a great job for polyester and coated material. In addition, you can get a free ICC profile from Jack printer,


  • Excellent Color Quality
  • Fade Resistant
  • Gives Smooth Experience
  • Bright Colors


  • Not good for cotton material


Staff Pick

 Best Sublimation Ink

AOPANE Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

Anybody who loves the customized product is interested in creative design or wants to make a special gift for someone. This sublimation ink is for you. You can make anything that you imagine just put some thought into it.

Customizing your own mugs, t-shirts or gifts is not a tough thing to do. You just need the right equipment to do so. Once you have all the right things you can produce your own personalized products.

If you are producing products, you would want them to be smooth enough in order to look cool. This sublimation ink offers smoothness in prints and long-lasting design. The Apane ink puts forward vivid and bright prints on the surface.

After Doing so much effort and spending time what if these prints fade away after some time. That would be a nightmare. But don’t worry, this would not happen to you. This is the best sublimation ink for a reason. This ink is fade-resistant that ensures a long-lasting print.

This ink comes at a cheap price but don’t you dare to underestimate its capabilities. Because of its cheap price, it doesn’t mean you should knock it off. It offers much as compared to its price fade-resistant, longevity, and smooth experience. It’s a great choice for savings without compromising quality

It’s a water-based ink that has 3 layer filtration that proves to be sustainable and durable for designs on polyester, pillow, box, ceramics, phone case, cap, or shoe. You name it.

Furthermore, it possesses UV protection qualities and is easy to install. The best thing is, it’s suitable for refillable cartridges and a CISS system (continuous ink supply system).


  • Water-based ink
  • 3 filtration system
  • Ensure Smoothness
  • Easy to install


  • Some customers complaints about its saturation 

Cosmic Ink

Sublimation Ink for Epson 

Cosmic Ink - Best Sublimation Ink

While buying all sublimation equipment, ink could be the major factor in your success and failure.

If you are stuck between the best sublimation ink for Epson or sawgrass printer then cosmic ink got you covered. They have big stocks for sawgrass printers and more important they have huge options of sublimation ink for Epson printers.

Cosmic ink is specifically designed for Epson printers so you don’t need to stick your head in ICC profile. It’s quite popular among Epson users because it doesn’t require an ICC profile.

They are easy to refill. It offers individual syringe injections that made the refilling process super easy and convenient.

Ink And Cartridges are included in their kit. They offer both ink refills and CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)

They work well with all sawgrass (including SG500, SG1000) and Epson printers including Stylus and Artisan, every printer that you can imagine so far.

This is the perfect product to grab for those who prefer the quality, sustainability, and durability of ink. It’s one of its kind in providing standard output, bright and vibrant colors for a long time span.

Furthermore, You will be amazed by their community and support. There is a group named Sublimation Cove on Facebook. You can join this group for adorable support and some quick suggestion.

Moreover, there is a youtube channel that provides a ton of information on sublimation and other related topics. 


  • Youtube channel for self-learning
  • Community support through a Facebook group
  • Standard Sublimation ink
  • No need for color profiles


  • No significant complaint till now.


Dye sublimation ink

InkOwl Dye sublimation ink

If you are one of them, you are not much tech-savvy and need the easiest and simplest product to go for. This one will do the job for you. 

Those beginners out there, who are experimenting with designs, exploring new things in the sublimation world will find this handy.

This ink is perfectly designed to use on the Sawgrass SG series, The one famous for its durable printing, quality design on t-shirts, mugs, glass, shoes, caps, phone cases, polyester, or pretty much everything. It’s one of the best sublimation printers for beginners because of its fan base. 

This kit contains 4 cartridges, each cartridge is 120ml. 4 installation injector, four 120 ml bottles with step by step manual is also included in it. Refilling can’t be easier than this. You just need to remove the plug and fill the cartridges with the help of an injector syringe and put the plug back on.

Unlock massive savings by using this sublimation ink for your printer without compromising on quality. These ink are made in Uk. It delivers the perfect match color for dye sublimation prints and gives control over quality from batch to batch.

Experimenting with designs and putting a fair amount of effort into your venture and trying to deliver the best to your customer, it would all be in vain if the ink doesn’t last long. Choose this sublimation ink if you don’t want your customer to knock at your door often. It offers vivid color and a long-lasting design.


  • Vivid and bright color
  • Four injecting syringe
  • Easy to use
  • Step By Step Manual
  • Cost-effective


  • Users complain it was clogged with some printer.

Buying Guide Best Sublimation Ink

Finding the perfect match for your printer could be a difficult task. Especially if have just entered and you have no idea what to look for or which one to choose. Don’t panic while buying this because there is not much feature in inks. All offers pretty much the same features, But still, there are some factors to consider while buying sublimation ink.

Color Quality: 

Have you ever wondered, you just stop by the shop that has a beautiful red dress on display and you can’t take your eyes off? It looks appealing to the eyes and gets your attention.  

So, if you want to boost your sales and want to make your customer happy then opt for vibrant vivid color sublimation ink.

Compatibility : 

Did you ever notice the big numbers on ink? Well, they tell you whether it is suitable for your printer or not.Its surprising that a large number of users buy incompatible ink that doesn’t work with their printer. 

Always make sure that the sublimation ink you buy is compatible with your printer.


You will be shocked by ink in the market that quickly fades away. Putting a large amount of time, making exceptional design, and giving whatever it takes. Still, customers get back with complaints because the design fades away. It sounds like a nightmare.

To save yourself from this, Always look for waterproof sublimation ink that has long longevity and doesn’t fade away quickly. Many sublimation ink manufacturers clearly mention this spec on their product and also on the packaging that it’s fade resistance.

Clogging :

In the sublimation process, you are going to be stuck in many issues and clogging will be the one often popping up. It’s not easy to solve, it takes a lot of time. This issue occurs in the printer due to the poor sublimation ink. 

Thus, you can’t do your job and orders get delay because you can’t get rid of them in a short span. In order to prevent it choose a sublimation ink that has the required capabilities. The manufacturer also mentions this feature in their spec or detail area.

Does it ever happen to you? You just pulled your favorite old shirt from the stack of clothes and its design is cracked. Quite a heartbreaking moment. The design is been cracked on a shirt that doesn’t look good.

Low quality and fake products lead to this moment, to prevent this moment from happening. We recommend buying sustainable and durable sublimation ink that will not only save you from heartbreaking moments but also a lot of money. 

Which One is better? Sublimation ink or Pigment ink

Choosing the right ink is a crucial factor between your business’s success and failure. It separates a good seller from a great seller.

Which is more suitable? sublimation ink or pigment ink This is the question that has been repeatedly asked so, we will have a look at what separates them and the advantages or disadvantages of both inks. What makes them unique in different scenarios to make the best choice.

Pigment Ink:

Pigment ink is special it has tiny little color particles that is great for coloring and you can make many different shades of colors with it. 8 pigment ink color is available that can be used for several purposes. It can be used in cosmetics, paint coloring, fabric, and ink.

Pigment ink is set on the paper without staining it, paper does not absorb the ink. Though it is firmly set on paper and after drying provide a beautiful design.

Thus it’s fairly durable, it can last long up to 200 years if it’s properly stored. The best part of this ink is the water-resistant quality that makes it a viable option to print on dark and light cotton material.

In addition, it’s a good choice for art dealers and photographers who want the high-quality output

Pigment Ink Advantages

  • It provide sunlight resistance
  • Works well with dark and light cotton material

Sublimation Ink: 

It’s the most common one that is being used on a t-shirt to mugs, shoes to caps, fabric to polyester. It’s one of the common and user-friendly ink.

Its more durable, sustainable, and long-lasting produce a bright and vivid color print. It’s than pigment ink in every aspect. It’s easy to attract customers with more attractive and bright colors to boost sales.

Your design will not crack as it has water-resistant qualities that save money and reputation. It won’t fade away after multiple washes.

Sublimation ink is comfortable with sawgrass to Epson printers and almost on all surfaces you want to print on.It also works well on harder materials like wood, ceramics, and metal. Its prints on a surface by using heat and pressure that makes it permanent. 

Sublimation Ink Advantages:

  • Broad range of colors
  • Bright and vibrant color
  • Waterproof that world best in long term

Final Words:

At this point, you may have realized selecting the best sublimation ink is not much challenging as it offers pretty similar features but you have to consider some factors before buying and choosing according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sublimation can be done with regular iron?

Yes, it can be done with a regular iron. Put on the towel then apply heat with an iron for about 10 to 15 secs. Do the same with the other part and you will be done with heat transfer on print.

How long does sublimation ink sustain?

It lasts about six months but it mostly depends on the brand or supplier of the product. They usually mention these details in the spec section or you could ask the supplier for a precise duration

Can sublimation also be done on metal?

Yes, You will be a bit surprised by reading this but the process is quite the same.It works fine on metals too.

Is Sublimation inks are waterproof?

Sublimation ink is highly sustainable and durable because it has water-resistant qualities.

Can sublimation ink be used in any printer?

You can easily covert an inkjet printer into a sublimation printer. Epson inkjet printers are well known for this conversion. You just have to replace the cartridges of the printer and refill them with sublimation ink. The sublimation printer is ready to use.

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