Best Sublimation Paper

Best Sublimation Paper

In the printing business, you must have heard of sublimation paper. It is one of the crucial part of the process. You should know selecting the best sublimation paper is important to get good results as the wrong paper will not deliver optimal results. Leaking ink, blurry lines, poor design are some of the problems that happen because of poor quality. This could be the defining factor between your business’s success and failure.

At a Glance:

It’s important to know about sublimation paper is that it’s used to transfer the design on the t-shirt, mugs, shoes, caps, fabric, etc. The main purpose of this paper is to hold the ink on paper and transfer it to another surface. It makes it easy to print designs and patterns at home.

Select the right sublimation business and get down on the road to make some money but unfortunately choosing the best paper is challenging. It takes time and leads to burnout but good things take time.

Our Recommendation Best Sublimation Paper

We have compiled the top five options for you to choose from, so you could save your time. 

AwardDesignSublimation PrintersRetailer
Best Paper for Epson Printer
Best Pick A-Sub Sublimation Paper 
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Inkjet Sublimation Paper
Budget PickKoala Sublimation Paper
Check Price
 Best Sublimation Paper for T-shirt
Staff PickDye Sublimation Paper
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Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper
EDIY Sublimation Paper
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Mug Sublimation Paper
Siser Easy Sublimation Paper 
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A-Sub Sublimation Paper 

Best Pick

Best Paper for Epson Printer

A-Sub Sublimation Paper - Best Paper for Epson Printer

It’s one of the well-known brand that delivers up to mark the quality. However, some sublimation papers are available in the market that promises the optimal results but in actuality make your design look scuffed up when print on it.

This paper is compatible with different mediums and works well with polyester even if the fabric contains less than 30% cotton it still gets your job done.

It drys fast so if you are one the them who hate to wait then it will give you a lot of relief.

Many people done a common mistake loading a paper from the wrong side. It has a print on the back so there are no chances you will load it wrong. It has flat edges that make it easy to load.

The paper can work with any inkjet printer with sublimation ink that transfers over 90% onto the surface.

Remarkable design, Quick-drying, and compatibility make it a go-to option for sublimation.


  • Compatible with sublimation ink
  • 90% transfer of ink
  • Quality Result


  • Users complain about washed-out and bleed output.

Koala Sublimation Paper

Budget Pick

Inkjet Sublimation Paper

Koala Sublimation Paper - Inkjet Sublimation Paper

Koala is a leading company that dominates in the sublimation paper sector. The koala sublimation paper is compatible with all inkjet printers and sublimation ink. It doesn’t work with regular ink. This paper can be used in Epson, HP, Canon, and many other brands of the same kind.

It offers extraordinary vivid colors on surfaces. There is an important point to know, it gives remarkable output on polyester that contains less than 30% of cotton, ceramics, or tiles

It provides a high transfer rate and quick-drying, A convenient feature. This feature provides a great opportunity for fun and art experiment. You can make customize gifts easily with help of this sublimation paper.

This high-quality sublimation paper delivers a brilliant and smooth performance so if you are looking for paper for your t-shirts and mugs prints then look no further.

It comes up with 100 sheets in a package wand the paper is 8-5 inches by 11inch so print out your imagination.


  • Easy to decorate objects
  • Fast Drying
  • Large transfer rate


  • Customer complains that it jams in a printer and difficult to use

Dye Sublimation Paper

Staff Pick

 Best Sublimation Paper for T-shirt

Dye Sublimation Paper Best Sublimation Paper for T-shirt

You will see this paper in most printing shops as it is fairly popular and commonly use. Let explore the reason. They are one of their kind in quality and value. The high-quality paper dries immediately and produces optimal results.

This works well with all sublimation and inkjet printers. You can use sublimation ink on it but not the regular sock ink that most of the printers use,

You can use it to print on polyester, metal, wood, ceramics, and other items of this nature and the other important thing to mark is. It works best on light and white color fabrics.

If you are the one madly in love with color quality then this is for you, It delivers beautiful vivid, vibrant color, sharp lines, and deep colors with excellent smooth performance. It transfers ink to the surface quickly and efficiently that doesn’t crack your design. Now you can sleep well without any worry.

It offered a media size of 8.5inch by 11 inches and the pack contains 110 sheets to print as much as you want.


  • Good transfer rate
  • Immediate drying 
  • Sharp lines and deep colors 


  • A user notifies the extra elements left on the mug

EDIY Sublimation Paper

Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper

EDIY Sublimation Paper  Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper

Are you looking for a multitasker for your business, the one is suitable for all needs. Well from keychains to ceramics, phone cases to caps, this sublimation paper does it all.

This paper is well suited for polyester material and fabric which contain low cotton composition the important thing to know is, it works only on light and white materials. So if you are planning to launch a new t-shirt in dark colors. This one will not handle it well.

Besides, It has a swift and high transfer rate, and the ink dries super fast on any surface that saving you time.

Another advantage is its high-quality image prints. It offers bright and crisp output that will definitely enhance the aesthetics. Ink is absorbed in this paper to deliver realistic and high-precision color.

 The pack comes with 100 papers with a paper size of 8.5 inches * 11 inches* 0.9 which gives you pretty much space to print medium size logos.

You can easily identify the printable side because the printable side is white and the back is pink.


  • Provide Durable prints
  • Swift Transfer rate
  • High Precision Color


  • According to user feedback, it doesn’t work well on mugs

Siser Easy Sublimation Paper 

Mug Sublimation Paper

Siser Easy Sublimation Paper  Mug Sublimation Paper

Selecting the best sublimation paper for the printer is difficult to do. There is some paper available in the market that does a terrible job. Imagine spending an extra hour to get the right result and still not being able to get the required results because of the poor quality paper. I understand the pain.

Subli sublimation paper offers a smooth and crack-free design with vivid and high-precision colors.

It’s easy to use, just add the printable side in the printer wait for a few seconds. It has a 98% transfer rate and dries on paper quickly.

This paper doesn’t absorb ink, the ink sets on paper to transfer the paint to the surface that making it cost-effective. Besides its cost, it delivers outstanding results.

This sublimation paper can be used with any inkjet printer like Epson, sawgrass, Ricoh. It works well with dye-sublimation ink.

You can use it to print on polyester material and fabric with low cotton composition. The important thing to know is, It can be used to print on dark garments.

Set the right temperature and heat, you are ready to print your imagination on all textures.


  • Suitable for dark garments
  • 98% Transfer rate
  • Affordable
  • Smooth and crack free output
  • Long-Lasting prints


  • The company doesn’t mention ‘how to use’ and user face difficulty in using it

Buying Guide Best Sublimation Paper

It’s no surprise that people often get confused while buying sublimation paper. I don’t blame you. There are tons of options available in the market to lead you to confusion.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, people often have this concept in mind that the cheap ones are the poor. Every Time it’s not the case, spending all your budget on expensive paper that doesn’t comply with your need will not be help full at all. 

You need to judge them on some factors before buying. I have discussed these factors below for your ease.

Color Effectiveness

If you want to run a successful business then you need to pay attention to the color quality of the paper. It should offer high precision and vivid colors that don’t fade away quickly nor crack with time. People are more likely to attract to bright and lively colors. No doubt color gives life to your design.


Customer service and the quality of the product matter the most in businesses. So you have to make sure your product is durable. Select the sublimation paper wisely, do your homework on this and choose the durable paper. A paper shouldn’t make your design look unpleasant or scuffed up. Prints need to be durable and long-lasting that can only be done with the best sublimation paper. 

Drying Duration:

The drying time is of great importance in printing businesses. It is often said time is money and yes it is. Handling large batches is a tough thing to do. You would get a bit of relief with the sublimation paper that takes a few seconds to get the job done. Always look for paper that dries quickly and saves time.


Imagine you purchased an expensive paper that provides high-quality results but after buying you get to know that it doesn’t work with your printer. Its heart-broken. Well, check your printer is compatible with sublimation paper. Brands always mention these specs on products in the detail section to avoid inconvenience.

Transfer Rate: 

It is one of the crucial factors to consider because this makes it different from regular inkjet paper. Transfer rates give an edge on performance and quality. Many sublimation papers have a 98% transfer rate that provides high quality, realistic and vivid colors on the surface. Transfer rate is one of the main features that save cost in sublimation.

Spot on Surface:

It’s Important to note the spot on the sublimation paper. It can affect print quality. This could have happened during the production process. It’s an effective way to check the paper impurities in order to identify poor products. 

Ink Load:

Another key factor to consider for sublimation paper is ink loading. The paper absorbs the ink so it should be heavier than the ink load in order to absorb ink moisture. This will help to get better outcomes.

Final Words

In the end, I will summarize it by emphasizing choosing the right sublimation paper according to your printing need. After reading the reviews you may have finalized the paper according to your requirement. The sublimation paper makes the whole process super easy to print on t-shirt, mugs, or other items of this nature. But choose the paper wisely as it is really crucial to get optimal results. This would take time but good things take time.

How to use Sublimation Paper?

Sublimation Paper is very easy to use you just have to put a little effort and time to get the work doesn’t demand prior experience or in-depth knowledge. However, you need the right equipment to do it. With the help of this, you will be able to print on t-shirt, mugs, mousepads, phone cases or anything thing you want. A customized gift is one of the best things.

Before moving to the first step it’s important, you take a quality sublimation paper make sure it’s not older than one year or unpacked. It can affect your print results. Choose the paper with the ideal thickness and transfer rate.

Things you need to have before starting. A computer, good sublimation ink, protective paper, and fabric. Polyester works best for sublimation but you can also work with the mixed fabrics of cotton and polyester. Light and white fabric give better results.

Steps To Do:

Air the paper and load it in.

Select the right speed and quality

Now Mirror your image

Your design will start printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sublimation paper?

Sublimation paper is used to print images on surfaces. It absorbs the ink and transfers it to other surfaces after applying heat and pressure.

Sublimation paper can be reused?

Once you ink transfer on it. It cant be reused

What paper is best for sublimation?

We recommend the one with a 98% transfer rate. It should provide bright and vibrant colors in order to achieve the best results. Quick-drying time is another important factor. They provide the best performance when it comes to sublimating on mugs, t-shirt, or phone cases.

Can a Sublimation paper be used with any printer?

Sublimation paper is often compatible with lots of brand printers but you need to check for your particular model. You can check it on the manufacture’s website.

Is heat transfer and sublimation paper are the same?

Unlike heat transfer, sublimation paper doesn’t add a layer to the surface. The major difference is heat transfer work on the fabric while sublimation paper can be used on any poly-coated surface. Other than that both work quite similarly.

How can I take care of the sublimation paper?

Keep it in a sealed bag when it’s not in use. It absorbs the ink that makes it fragile so don’t leave it in humidity otherwise it will get ruined.

Can I use iron to transfer the design?

It’s better you use the heat transfer machine for this process in order to achieve durable results.

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