Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Heading towards the printing venture but got stuck at the beginning or you are confused, where to start? It’s quite normal. Foremost selecting the right printer is quite a challenge for beginners as it plays a crucial role in the whole process.

The printer also has ‘groupies’ like rock bands and a die-hard following. Sublimation printer is the one that enjoys the fame. But these printers are available in vast variety, choosing the best sublimation printer for beginners is the real hook. 

At a Glance:

Beginners go with low-cost printers because they have no other choice and that’s completely fine. A low-cost printer can also serve the purpose at the start. These printers also provide quality and high-speed prints. Although premium printers automate the process they also come up with big price tags. 

Your worries end here! We have got a perfect list of the best printers for beginners. Without a further do, let’s have look at it.

Our Recommendation Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

AwardDesignSublimation PrintersRetailer
Best Sublimation Printer 
Best PickEpson Workforce 7720 
Check Price
Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners 
Budget PickSawgrass SG 500
Check Price
Dye Sublimation Printer for Beginners
Staff PickSawgrass SG 1000 
Check Price
Desktop Sublimation Printer
Brother MFC-J995DW
Check Price
Budget Sublimation Printer for Beginners
Epson Eco tank ET-4760
Check Price

Epson Workforce 7720 

Best Pick

Best Sublimation Printer 

Epson Workforce 7720 Best Sublimation Printer


  • Cartridges available: 3
  • Scanner available; yes
  • Duplex scanning; yes
  • Printing speed for photos: 59s
  • Size available: 6 by 7 and 4 by 6

At the top of the list, we have a well-reputed brand Epson. It has a massive following because of its fine feature. Epson workforce 7720 is the right choice for small businesses and beginners with creative ideas. It puts forwards amazing quality and remarkable performance. Although it is an entry-level printer.

It has inkjet technology that is famous for durable prints and it offers 3 separate cartridges that give you the freedom to choose the color. It also combines page colors for flexibility. With these convenience options, you don’t have to change colors frequently.

Further talking about its page capacity it can handle 500 pages with three input trays while auto document feeder can handle 35 pages. This can serve a dual purpose. it’s not a sublimation printer by default but you can easily convert it by replacing cartridges with ink tanks. As a matter of fact, ink tanks are more versatile and durable.

Its design is quite impressive although major parts are been built with plastic. It still gives an aesthetic look. With this unit paper jam is not a problem during work because it has a dedicated spot to handle it. On the plus side, you can also remove its ADF cover to mitigate the error.

This unit has great printing speed for its price range. The color photos can print quickly but it takes time to print the regular documents. This unit offers 2 output trays that can hold 250 papers so wait for a while.

A variety of features is been offered by this unit. You can get audible feedback, it has a 4.5 inch LCD display with clear text and icons that are easy to understand. The console could move up or downwards for convenience. This printer offers a handful of connectivity options, wireless, wifi direct, or ethernet to name a few. 

Epson workforce is well known for its remarkable print and performance at an economical price. This makes it a viable option for beginners to get the work done.


  • LCD
  • ADF available
  • 500 pages input
  • Wireless feature
  • Convertible


  • High Running cost

Sawgrass SG 500

Budget Pick

Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners 

Sawgrass SG 500 Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners


  • Printing Resolution: 1200 dpi
  • Size/Dimension: 15.25*17.25*8.5 
  • Memory:128 MB Ram
  • Printing Speed: 29s
  • Advance Photo Speed: 48s

This unit is an updated version of its previous model Sawgrass 400 and fully compatible with it also, so you could utilize your full resources. This unit is one of its kind when it comes to versatility in printing. It gives fabulous prints of polyester fabrics while you can print on a variety of media like shirts woods and many others of this nature.

This unit can cater to bulk printing demands without compromising on design quality. It put forward letter-size printing that makes it a viable option for beginners.

Cost is a significant factor to consider. Thus this unit has a low upfront cost but a bit high running cost. If this doesn’t bother you then buy this. Its installation process is super simple and it’s easy to use. 

Moreover, it uses UHD ink that offers fine and bright prints with outstanding quality. Sit back and let it give you some beautiful prints. You can set cartridge size according to your requirement with this latest unit thanks to its ink kit. This minimizes ink wastage during printing.

This unit is a great fit for beginners to enter the race. Simple and easy equipment to install and understand. You can practice your skills and experiment with new emerging designs, with free online software.

The best part is, you get free access to an online design studio to bring your imagination to reality. Sawgrass 500 offers a basic connectivity option of USB cord connection and wireless connectivity. 


  • Free software
  • Compatible with the previous model
  • Basic connection
  • Durable prints


  • High cost per page 
  • High ink cost.

Sawgrass SG 1000 

Staff Pick

Dye Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Sawgrass SG 1000 Dye Sublimation Printer for Beginners


  • Print size: 11 inches by 17 inches and 13 by 19 inch
  • Printing Speed: 15s for high quality (600*600) dpi
  • 48s for advance photo (1200*600) dpi
  • Printer Warranty: 2 years

If you are a beginner, starting a new business and you are not much tech-savvy then this is the best option. In my opinion, this series by sawgrass is specifically designed for beginners and hobbyists.

This unit has a compact and sleek design that you can easily fit in your home or dorm room. It will prove to be the backbone for your profitable business with its versatile printing features.

You can print on hard and soft medium t-shirt, glass, polyester fabric, apparel to name a few. With all these compatible mediums, you can print on 11 inches by 17-inch media size.

Install kit is available for this unit. You can choose the cartridge size according to printing needs and it also reduces the wastage of ink. The kit offers the cartridge of 20 ml, standard include 31 ml and 70 ml for further extension

This unit is an improved version of SG 800. Major improvements have been done to its design from the inside out. Although the predecessor is the same that offers high precise prints, excellent performance, and versatile dimension, speed. Unlike its previous model, SG 1000 provide a single roll bar that helps in printing large-size design.

If you are already using its previous model, nothing to worry about because It’s backward compatible. With its remarkable speed of 15s for high-quality prints and high precise output. It stands out from the rest. This unit is quite energy-efficient and provides all standard connectivity features.

This means you can enjoy a good set of features at an affordable price.


  • Vibrant output 
  • Durable colors
  • Self Maintenance mode
  • Print manager feature
  • Image infusion feature


  • Unit is a bit expensive

Brother MFC-J995DW

Desktop Sublimation Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW Sublimation Printer


  • Printing size: A4,A5,A6
  • Printing speed: 10ppm
  • Ink saving program
  • Warranty: 2 years

This entry-level printer puts forward a good combination of productivity and convenience that makes it an excellent option for beginners. It stands out from its competitor because of its scanning feature and auto-two-sided printing.

It can handle small sheets with a capacity of 20 papers on an auto document feeder. Further 101 plain papers can be handled by this unit. It has commendable printing speed, 10 color pages can be printed in a minute and it manage to print 12 monochrome sheets. in a minute.

Brother company was considered good for home use because it provides mediocre-level graphics and average photo prints. But fortunately, that time was long gone. The company has come up with great improvements in its printer. This unit is capable of printing high precise graphics and vibrant photos. It provides accurate, bright, and quality output without any error. 

Brother company has also introduced its ink-saving program. The printer shows the accurate data of printed pages and capacity for further prints, which helps you save ink worth one year. It shows correct and accurate data, unlike other brands.

As you save one year of ink with this unit. It puts forward exceptional low cost per page. The monochrome cost 1 cent per page while the color cost 5 cents per page. It offers all the standard connectivity options. NFC (near field communication), ethernet, USB, wifi direct, and all the other option that you can think of.

NFC connectivity option allows you to connect your mobile with the printer through a hotspot While wifi direct allows you to connect with the printer without being connected to an internet connection.


  • Vibrant prints
  • Standard connectivity option
  • Commendable speed
  • Scanning various devices


  • Paper capacity for input and output is not good enough.

Epson Eco tank ET-4760

Budget Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Epson Eco tank ET-4760  Budget Sublimation Printer for Beginners


  • Cartridges available: 4
  • Color for ink: 4
  • Cost for color page: 0.7 cents
  • ADF available: yes

Epson leading brand with its Eco tank 4760 again secures a spot in our best sublimation printer for beginners list. This printer can cater to all your sublimation requirements.

It puts forward exceptional and interesting features that will enhance your productivity. You can handle large printing volumes without an error. In a short time, you can print quality designs with consistency. This printer can handle 250 papers along with a wire printing feature.

A-Sub sublimation paper is best to use for sublimation printing. Voice operating system is its latest feature that provides you handy experience.

Borderless printing is another great feature that delivers the finest prints with endless different options. Besides, it manages 30 papers on ADF (auto document feeder) and 350 sheets for input. This unit is not a speed demon but its printing speed is up to the mark. Talking of its design. It weighs 58 pounds that are quite competitive against its competitor.

Replace cartridges with sublimation ink for cost-effective output. Though, this unit uses ink tanks that reduce ink wastage and save you from frequent maintenance. These ink bottles save you a big chunk of money. One bottle contains ink more than 80 cartridges so you don’t have to refill for a long time.

The company traditionally produces black but this unit comes in off-white opposing the traditional color. With its sleek and elegant design, it’s perfect for the home and office environment.

It is an excellent unit to consider if you are looking for a modern printer with versatile features.


  • Sleek design
  • Fine quality print
  • 2.5 LCD display
  • Low running cost
  • Various connectivity option


  • It has a connectivity issue with a flash drive.

Buying Guide Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Most beginners like to spend as little as possible in the beginning although some have a good budget to spend on the equipment, my advice to you is, consider the following factors to select the right unit according to your sublimation requirement. It is important to understand the crucial factors in order to choose the best sublimation printer.

Now that you are also done with the list let’s have look at the factors that you should take into consideration before buying your sublimation printer.


Resolution is a really important factor in the sublimation process because it determines the quality. Being a beginner first determines your quality requirement. If you need to print high quality or complex design then opt for a high-resolution printer. The quality of print gets affected with a low-resolution printer as they deliver blur images.

To achieve optimal output and print large, complex designs, buy a 4800*1200 dpi resolution printer. 

But if you are printing small logos then no need to worry about it, you can use a low-resolution printer without any drawback.

Media Size:

Beginners usually start by printing small logos and honestly it is the best strategy. Start from small and go towards large meanwhile master your art.

For small prints 4 inch by 6-inch media size is sufficient.

Although if you have to print different sizes then look for a printer that provides various media sizes. Vast printer range is available in the market but not all provide different media sizes so select attentively.


It plays a crucial role. If you have a venture that needs to deliver fast then keep a close eye on printer speed. Because it gives you the liberty to cater large volume in a short span.

But do remember one thing, speed is affected by resolution, High resolution printer often takes a bit longer to print than a low-resolution printer. You need to invest more in your printer in order to find the right balance between speed and resolution. And this is highly important!

Volume is equally important to speed. It also depends on your requirement. If you are in the shirt printing business then hunt for a large volume printer. Keep in mind all printers in the market are not capable of printing big batches.

Printers from different brands could have different capabilities within the same price range. Some printers can print ten thousand while others can score only thousands per run.

Connectivity : 

Always look for a maximum connectivity option because it saves you from hassle. Nowadays the latest printer in the market now come up with pretty handy features. Bluetooth and wireless are one of them. 

If you are the one who likes to manage stuff on mobile then you would love these features. It will make your life easy and hassle-free.

But if you are a computer guy then you would not get the full benefit of it but it’s good to know all printers provide standard USB connectivity.


Always consider sublimation printers of good brands. Look for brands that give good customer support and make sure they also have market support. In case if your equipment gets an error so it could be easily fixed.

It’s not the best choice to consider an off product from an unrecognized brand. For the Sublimation printer, Epson and Sawgrass are the most popular and have a die-hard following too. People love them for a reason. They provide exceptional customer support even Epson also have a community group on Facebook to connect its customer and share their experiences.

Final Words:

Printing is a fun thing if it’s done with the right equipment. And beginners need to choose the best sublimation printer more carefully. Because at the start of the process easy to use and printer with convenient features saves you from burnout and disappointment. Sawgrass has quite a popularity in this section. Make sure you explore its whole SG series to find the best sublimation printer according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What printers can you use for sublimation printing?

Sublimation printers use the dye sublimation method. There is various printer in the market that claims the dye sublimation method, written in their description. But it is recommended to choose the original and genuine sublimation printer. Sublimation may look like an ordinary print but it is completely different

Can any printer do sublimation printing?

To achieve optimal results you need to use a sublimation printer. Along with the printer you also need to use sublimation ink and sublimation paper for best results. These are mandatory to transfer a design on other items. An ordinary printer can’t do the job well.

What are the things that you can make using a sublimation printer?

A sublimation printer can be used to print on various mediums. You can print on mugs, t-shirt, polyester fabric, cotton, and other items of this nature.

What is the printing cost of a sublimation mug?

The cost depends on various factors. It depends on how much color is used in printing the design further the cost of cartridge and paper type. However, a rough figure is $1 to $15 for a sublimation mug.

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